Pink Eye Transfered by flatulence?

My roommate has this crazy idea that you can transfer Pink Eye by a “bare-ass fart on a pillow”. I don’t believe that this is possible and I’ve tried telling him, but he believes the movie he heard it from more then me. Now, I haven’t been able to find a reputable cite that disproves or agrees with this hypothesis, so I would appreciate if someone more knowledgeable or is better at googling then me could get an answer.

That idea is from the movie Knocked Up, btw. I don’t know the answer but I’m pretty sure that’s where your roommate got the idea.

I just want to say that that specific part is the most disgusting part of that movie, and it ruined it for me. It would have been a good movie if it hadn’t resorted to that totally, totally, hideously disgusting scene. With every movie he’s in, Seth Rogen becomes two things - fatter, and more disgusting. In five years or so, I’m willing to bet that he plays Jabba the Hutt in a remake of Return of the Jedi.

Now, Watering eyes caused by flatulence…:smiley:

Viral conjunctivitis (pinkeye) can indeed be caused by contact with fecal matter, among other things.

I’m pretty sure that it can’t be caused by a farted-on pillow. You’d need direct pillow-to-anus contact.

I looked at the site you linked too, and I did not see anything about the virus living in the intestinal tract. The only things I saw about the route of infection is someone already having pink eye, or an upper respiratory tract infection. So, is the virus part of our normal intestinal flora?

Really? I’m not a big fan of fart humor and wouldn’t say that it was a fart joke, as much as a joke about the sort of immature idiots who would fart on each others pillows as a joke. And it led to a really great joke later with the lap dancer - “Now that’s how you get pink-eye!”

Different strokes, I guess. I can handle the most over the top SEX humor out there, but have always been really turned off by gross-out stuff involving piss, shit and farts. I wish that stuff didn’t even exist at all in real life, so I really don’t want to see jokes about it in movies.

I hesitate to ask how this is an issue, even. Are you and your roommate in the practice of bare-ass farting on each other’s pillows?

I pretty sure that’s how you get stink eye.

Really! If you have bare assed people farting on your pillow, pink eye is the least of your concerns.

He’s supposedly slimming down and getting into shape to play “The Green Hornet.”

I believe the OP specified that it had to be a bare-assed fart, which to me implies PTAC. I can’t picture someone going to the trouble of dropping trou, squatting down and then not making full contact. In fact, it seems more likely the person would sort of grind it home, if you know what I mean. Skidmarks might even ensue, though that could be a giveaway.

Sorry, Argent Towers:stuck_out_tongue:

That part I don’t know. AFAIK, our normal complement of intestinal flora are all bacteria. I don’t think there are any beneficial viruses, although there are probably many benign ones.

Adenovirus and enterovirus, both of which cause pinkeye, replicate in the gut and can be spread by fecal-oral or fecal-mucus-membrane routes. However, they are not part of the normal gut flora. Adenovirus causes more GI symptoms than enteroviruses, which tend to cause symptoms in other systems like the heart or brain.

Stay the hell away from Intestinal Flora. That chyk is baaaaad news.

What if it was a zombie that did the farting huh? What then smart guy?

Zombies are allergic to pillows, silly.

You know, of the many phrases that need handy abbreviations, I wouldn’t have guessed ‘pillow to anus contact’ to be on the list.

Learn new things every day.