Pink with embarrassment for my state's lame "awareness" campaign

From an e-mail sent to state employees this morning:


I mean, I get the cause. I understand the campaign here. But does filling one of the Capitol fountains with food coloring actually seem like it’s going to do a lot of educating? Maybe instead they should have hosted a “Survivors’ Wall” or exhibit or something in the rotunda, something that actually EDUCATES?

Geez, Pennsylvania…do all of your public education campaigns have to be this stupid?

Yup, that sounds pretty dumb to me. I think that governments like to come out “in support of” breast cancer awareness and treatment, because there’s very little controversy in it. I mean, isn’t everyone in favor of early detection and treatment of breast cancer? They do crap like this because it’s one of the “causes” that’s reasonably sure not to piss anyone off.

I’m off the breast cancer campaign and on to prostate cancer. It strikes just as many men as breast cancer does women, and doesn’t have anywhere near the awareness or funding.

So what color would they have to turn the fountain to for that?

Opaque white? :smiley:

Pshaw. Governments do crap like this all the time. As norinew said, who’s going to be against breast cancer “awareness”? As such crap goes, this particular show is relatively cheap and unspectacular, it’ll be over in a day or so, and no one will remember it in a week, so I see no source of embarrassment.

But my source of embarrassment is that it IS such an empty gesture. They COULD have set up an information wall in the rotunda. They COULD have had a meet & greet with breast cancer survivors in the capitol plaza. They COULD have had a memorial photo wall for those who succumbed to the disease.

But instead they decided to put a vial of food coloring in the replenishment tank for the east fountain. :smack:

I seriously wonder how many people are going to connect this with breast cancer rather than “some gay thing”?

They do that here in STL, too. I’m not sure whether they’re going to do it this year, but if I recall correctly, they did last year, which struck a lot of people as odd, since the Komen Race for the Cure is in early summer (I think it was June this year). And it’s downtown near the fountain, so most people get confused as to when Breast Cancer Month actually is since the race is so far away from BC month.

They’d have to do two I guess. One in yellow, and one in opaque white.

No, that would be ‘rainbow’ food coloring. Or brown, once it’s all mixed up.

I think this is pretty stupid as well. I mean, come on, who’s going to say “Breast cancer? Who gives a shit? Let 'em take care of their own boobs!”.


Am I the only one wondering how they’re going to get it pink, instead of red? I’m envisioning a beautiful fountain with basically watery looking blood in it. Eeew.

Vampire rights, anyone? :cool:

Grenache Rose. Or maybe white Zin. A fountain flowing with pink wine would definitely crank up the old awareness level.

Come see the new Barbie Fun Fountain for Breast Cancer Awareness day!

What shape does the water make when it comes out of the fountain? Cause if it’s like some fountains I’ve seen, turning it pink will DEFINITELY raise breast awareness. I mean, breast cancer awareness.

Heh! Here’s a pic of the fountain (first pic, the Arthur Ross Award photo).

Oy! If they dye THAT pink, that’s gonna send a completely different message.

It’d be funny if someone added blue beforehand. It’d be hard to detect in a water fountain, but it would make the intended pink a lovely lavender.

Checking my list of colored ribbons… hmmm… just what is lavendar ‘awareness’ of?

Ah here it is…Eating disorders, pulmonary hypertension.

Hmm… not too good of an ‘awareness’ campaign if I didn’t know what it meant and if it can mean two different things.

At least, it’s not like poor purple, which has up to nine different awareness campaigns attached to it.


No no no. The lavender eating disorder fountain is this one!

I’m so sorry. I’m going to hell.

No, that’s periwinkle. Lavendar is “All cancers (general cancer awareness), epilepsy, [and] rett syndrome”.

IIRC, prostate cancer is green. I could be wrong. I do know that breast cancer is pink and ovarian cancer is aqua. I suggested brown for colon cancer, but that got shot down. :wink: