Pink's close call

Haven’t seen this yet…

Pink had a minor accident during a concert in Germany. She was getting into a harness that was supposed to lift her off the stage, but the harness took off before she was hooked in properly. She seems to be okay, thankfully.

YouTube vid

I’m no expert, but when she puts her arms up in an “X”, looks like that should be the universal signal for “I’m not ready yet.” Any experts know whether this would have been rigged up on a computer, as in, was it timed to go when it did, or would a person have to push the button to make it go?

(Sorry if it’s a silly question, but I really don’t know how these things work)

(how embarrassing! She’s lucky she wasn’t hurt, like Ann Margaret years ago. I saw Pink’s act and it was breathtaking, I was in awe!)

That’s what I got from the X, too. She was looking over her shoulder as well.

This is an unforgivable error; someone needs to be fired or some major changes need to be made. This kind of stuff is not something about which you can have a sense of humour. She could have been killed.

Yeah, that a was a clear ‘‘no go’’ signal.

If you listen carefully you can hear her immediate response after falling:

‘‘Fuck that hurt like a motherfucker. Sorry, person.’’ It’s nice that she was thinking of whoever she crashed into before herself.

First thing I thought was “Owen Hart.”

That said, I love how she apologized for her language. No problem, babe! ETA: Jinx, olives!

Oh, maybe she said, ‘‘Sorry for cursing’’? Either way, very polite!

It’s amazing that this has been the only major mishap in all the years and the hundreds of shows she’s been doing the harness act - the stunt is breathtaking live, half because it’s so visually stunning and half because it’s just that little bit scary and dangerous.

She was tweeting from the ambulance on the way to the hospital apologising to the fans. I think any lesser star would use this as an excuse to cancel the rest of the tour or at least take a long break but I think Pink will get straight back up again as soon as she can.