Piped in crowd noises: A poll

With the current pandemic, most major sports broadcasts are artificially piping in crowd noises with the telecasts. What’s your opinion of them?

  • I like it.
  • Don’t care.
  • It’s stupid.

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I think it’s really stupid. I’d much rather hear what the players are saying than hearing fake noises.

Personally, I like it. Helps me to forget the stadium is empty. Also, they probably want to do this so we can’t hear the guys on the field (and any profanity they may utter through the course of the game).

I find it dystopian.

Yes, this. I watched a hockey game without the ‘crowd noise’ and there was an f-bomb or two that was clearly audible without it.

NHL and MLB sounded fine. But the audio for the Seattle/Falcons game today was absolutely ATROCIOUS!

I’m sure that profanity is part of it but that could easily be avoided with a 5 second delay and a drop button.

Given how some of these guys speak, the person in charge of the delay would probably be exhausted by the end of the first half.

I don’t mind some fake noise, but it was way too loud during the NFL games. They made it sound like it’s a last minute third down the entire game.

I’ll go with it’s stupid, but I like it, but only if it’s not overdone.

Yes, obviously it’s kind of stupid. But if you listen to a game with no added noise at all, it just doesn’t feel the same. It feels like a practice. That said, trying to mimic regular stadium noise is not the right approach. We all know there isn’t a crowd, so keep it toned down, but not deathly quiet.

They should make it more accurate. The noise should louder for the Cubs than the Brewers for games played in Miller Park, just like in real life.

I’ve been watching Jays games and they do it well. We wouldn’t get to hear what the players say in any case.

Can I vote for “I like it” AND “It’s stupid”?

And yes the NFL audio mixes yesterday were horrible. Couldn’t hear the announcers.

And we should hear “GO PACK GO” at away games. Like yesterday.

MLB (Diamondbacks) seems to get it right.

Query: is the crowd noise only on TV, or is it pumped out the stadium PA speakers? I thought the latter.

I go (went) to more Minor league ball than MLB. The relative lack of crowd noise is a major benefit … once you get used to it. Being able to hear the bang-bang play at first beats the heck out of watching 6 angles of replay during the appeal.

Watching 3 fielders converging on a high fly and hearing the (lack of) coordinating calls makes the inevitable collision or drop just that much sweeter. As to the occasional curse of f-bomb, so what?

If TVs had the tech to mute the crowd noise (real or fake) I’d glue that button to the “mute” setting.

And leave it to NFL to ham-handedly turn the racket up to 11 in the mistaken belief that racket = excitement and excitement = more $. Idjits.