Piper Cub says he'll give me a Viking funeral when I die

Over the Christmas hols we watched “What We Did on Our Holiday.”

A few days later Piper Cub told me that if I die suddenly he’ll put me on a raft on the Wascana, set it alight, and push it out to the middle of the lake.

Good to know.

I guess?

I’d sleep with one eye open for awhile…just saying…

That and make sure the smoke detectors are in good working order. Kids suck at detecting shallow breathing.

My first thought is that’s what I’d expect from a cheesehead. Death by lutefisk? The most devout might be expected to commit sati on Randy Moss’ death, so hopefully he’s healthy for your sake.

I watched this on Netflix last week. I love Billy Connelly!

On the other hand, after seeing David Tenant in this I’ve been watching Jessica Jones. Creepy!

And I know my 10 year old wouldn’t do this. My 7 year old, I’m not sure about :rolleyes:

Do you read bedtime stories to him? If so, some stern readings of the relevant sections of the Criminal Code might be effective in thwarting any half-formed plans the child might have. :wink:

The first movie I watched which involved a “Viking funeral” was Beau Geste (1939) with Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Brian Donlevy and Robert Preston.

You must have a dog at your feet according to the movie. Turns out it was the villain of the movie, Brian Donlevy.

You do have a dog, don’t you? :eek:

At least he said he’d wait for you to die.

Tell him not to be a fool. The ice isn’t thick enough.

Cheese head?!? *Puleeze[/]



Err and we can pretend that I know the difference between MN and WI.:smack:

The kids in that movie were hilarious.

And I think the way to do this is to have the Viking funeral for the cremains.

And SK, of course. :smiley:

Apparently I can’t tell one group of yafersures from the other. So it’s a low priority to address the fact that 20 years ago there was a possibility of the Roughriders playing against the Rough Riders.

My stepdaughter told me once that when i die, she will have me buried with emus.

I hate emus. Terrifying birds.

I would prefer the Viking funeral, i think.

On the other hand that sounds like a great ancient Viking threat.
I will chop off your head, rip out your heart, and bury you with emus.

Ah, yes, the infamous Viking Blood Emu.