Piper Cub's football career is taking off! Says it's Sick!

I assume “sick” is a good thing. :slight_smile:

He gets to play in the big league tomorrow!

Well, the big stadium, at least.

The Cub plays in the Regina Flag Football League, one of the biggest in Canada, with over 2200 boys and girls, Grade 1 to Grade 12.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders open their season tomorrow, playing against the Arrrrr-gos.

On Tuesday, we got an e-mail from the head organiser of the Flag Football League.

The Cub’s team is one of four that will be playing on the turf at Mosaic Stadium during the half-time, as a demo for the RFFL! All the kids on the team, plus one parent for each kid, gets a free ticket to the game.

At practice tonight we got the tix and instructions. One very excited group of kids!

So, the Cub’s team of Cowboys will be on the field at halftime for a mini-game of 7 minutes (each team gets three possessions). I’ll be the dad videoing the thing from the stands.

In my family good news gets a WOO HOO!

Free exorcisms for everyone afterwards? :smiley:

“possessed” is a good term to use for Rider fans. “Cult” also comes to mind. :smiley:

Please give him a Yee-Haw from the home of the NFL Cowboys! (Hope his team does not suck as bad as the original)

Will the game be televised? You should DVR it.


The game will be, but half-time is spent with talking heads from TSN, so his mini-game won’t be televised. :frowning:

Shall do! The NFL sponsors the league, so he’s wearing a single silver star!

On one of my trips through Regina, I found a motel room, and walked to the sports bar across the parking lot. After a long drive from Dryden, Ontario, that day, all I was looking for was a burger and a beer. It turned out that a Rider game was on, the place was packed, and I was the only one who was not wearing green. “Cult” is a good description.

But Go Piper Cub! NP, I hope you can post a link to some of your video after the game.

Very cool! Way to go Cub!

Good for him. On to victory!

Well that was fun!

We all had tix for some corner seats, right beside the Pilsner Party Zone. Four teams of excited boys and girls, all wearing jerseys and bright lime green flags: Cowboys, Dolphins, Bengals and Titans.

At the 10 minute mark in the second quarter, their coaches collected them and they went down to the field. At half-time, they ran on through the visitors’ gate, and got some high-fives from the Argos who were coming off the field.

The Cub was very excited. The team had to run pretty much to the end of the field from our seats, where they were playing.

Only had time for two possessions each, with three downs. (They may be sponsored by the NFL, but this is Canada!)

Cub was the centre for all the plays. First set of downs no score, but on the final play in the second set, he snapped, QB did a nice hand-off, and one of the Cub’s buddies ran it in for a touchdown! They went bouncing off the field. Then the Cowboys and Dolphins lined up on the sideline, and they got a good round of applause from the stands, then ran back all the way and back up to our seats.

The Cub and I left the team seats and joined Mrs Piper at our regular seats. She’d had a much better view than I did, because they were playing closer to her.

On the way home the Cub was still talking about it and then said “I never thought I’d get to be part of the half-time show for the Riders!”

Now I have to make some pancakes to set him up for his regular Saturday game.

Sounds like it was a fun time. How long are halftimes normally in the CFL? And are all the kids’ leagues in Canada run under Canadian rules, or are there leagues that use American rules?

Half-times are 14 minutes. They were originally 15 minutes, but they shaved it by a minute about 30 years ago, I assume to give more time for the TV broadcasters.

Around here, I think it’s all 3 down, but I think there are 4 down leagues in BC, because the UBC Thunderbirds play in an American League.

Last game of the regular season today. The Cub’s team is playing the Seahawks, coached by former Saskatchewan Roughrider and Grey Cup champ, Gene Makowsky.


Congrats to Piper Cub! About 45 years ago, my peewee tackle team was on the field at Empire Stadium in a similar display, and it was very cool when the BC Lions gave us a cheer.

Re BC university football, I believe the UBC Thunderbirds play in the Canadian league, while the SFU Clan (it’s a Scottish thing but still…) plays in the NCAA.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Glad he enjoyed his time on the big guys’ gridiron!

It’s sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Thank you for sharing this. :slight_smile:

And they beat the Grey Cup champion coach! It was an offensive battle. I think each team scored at least four times, but the Cowboys come out ahead.

Double-games next Saturday in the Jamboree, and the season’s done.

It is a rush. He’s mentioned it again today.

Ah, got them mixed up. I knew one of them played that wacky four-down game. Really, with three tries, how can you fail to get 10 yards? :wink: