Piss on us!

Sponsored porta-potties :eek:


:o Ah, moderators. If you feel the title to this thread is inappropriate, please feel free to change it. I humbly suggest “Urine for a good time.”

[snagglepuss]Exit, stage left[sp]

I think the idea is more “Take a piss in us!” Unless they’ve got ads you can see in those dark smelly places inside … ugh.

I hate it. When I’m at an event, I want to be able to scan the horizon for green or teal, perhaps blue. This would blend right in with every booth and table there, and I’d never find the damn things.

I thought it was bad enough when they started putting video screens for advertising in the check out lanes. Now I can’t relieve my bladder without staring at your ad? Enough already! When do the blipverts start?