Pissed-off queers secede from Australia, form own kingdom

From The Pink Paper:

Here’s the link: Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands

Those whores. This was MY idea!

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errr - shouldn’t that be Queendom of the Coral Sea Islands? :smiley:
ducks behind cover

…and the anthem of this new nation is?

One Two


Just… wow.

Be a great place for a honeymoon, I suspect.

I just don’t know what to think. It’s nice to see a group of gays taking the steps they feel necessary to… I don’t know, stand up for their rights or whatever, but the whole thing just seems so goddamn campy. I mean, using a Gloria Gaynor song as their anthem? And not one of them was creative enough to design a flag? And the “prince’s” hobbies are “politics, music, shopping, and boys”? Barf.

Disclaimer: I am Australian, and I am a lesbian.
That having been said, this whole thing smacks of Stoopid. “Emperor”? “Lord”? I know, let’s recreate the entire medieval power structure! That’ll show 'em! Wankers.

That assumes, of course, that this is for real. Have a look at the “declaration of independence”. I can’t decide if it’s sincere, or one big piss-take. And if it’s for real, who on earth wants to live under Emperor Dale’s rule? The guy sounds like a complete :wally

And his grammar sucks too!

It’s a joke.

Yeh, the more I read it, the more I realise it. :smack:

I guess they were just throwing out a line to see what they’d catch. It seems they caught a record-weight Maxxxie!
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Max :slight_smile:

What’s the right of succession?
Is eldest male child is out of the question?

Now, that’s an intriguing point!

They’d have to go with the system of 2nd Century Rome – Emperor adopts a competent successor as his heir.

(That, or it becomes the duty of the Emperor to beget an heir.)

Yeah, I had wondered about the wisdom of setting up a gay nation with a hereditery monarchy.

But don’t we all know that it runs in the Family?

Hm. His Imperial Majesty is kind of cute in a blowsy, pixieish way, but the crown prince is downright humpy.

Maybe a royal marriage could be arranged. I’d bear his children.

Why didn’t they just grab an abandoned oil platform or a small island that doesn’t already belong to somebody? Are there such things still around?

Anyway, I always figured if I established my own nation I’d want a lesbian president/matriarch. None of this emperor crap. Sounds like a drag queen or leather organization.