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There have been many threads in the past where people chose jobs in a fictional government. Lets make a real one! I say well all chip in some money and buy this: Sure, we would technically be under Austrailian law, but we could probably get away with about anything with that private airstip and everything. I’ll chip in $1000, who is with me. :smiley:

Well, I have about 12 scents.

(And no, that isn’t a typo. :D)

Great Idea!! I’m pitching in USD 1000 as well. The East-Australia Dopers don’t even have to move, they can fly in for the weekends. :smiley:

What a fantastic website.

I’m in for 10 bucks. If you can wait until next March, when I get my birthday check from my hubby’s grandma, I can add five more to that :slight_smile:

What do we call it? Dopania? Cecilia? Wallyland?

Don’t have any cash, but I can drive two or three Dopers up from Sydney!

I didn’t know Wally, but I’m in for the nme Wallyland. Hey, who cares about Australian law when there are no cops on the island?

I propose a despotic oligarchy comprised of the Aussie Dopers. The rest of you can just bribe us in USD and we’ll all get along fine! :wink:

Somebody will have to organise the .wl domain suffix too!

No, lets call it

  • Dominion of the Teaming Millions -

I suppose I could chip in about 5 bucks.

I just bought a new house. Can it be relocated to the island?

Maybe this one is closer to our price range.

I wonder how many Dopers would fit. lol

I thought we were an autonomous collective?

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You’re fooling yourself. We’re living in a dictatorship.
A self-perpetuating autocracy in which the working classes…

I don’t figure you are, but if anyone is actually gonna make a go of it, put me in for $10k (USD).

It’s on the Barrier reef, right? Heck, I’d do it just for the SCUBA diving.

I’ve got $100.00 USD hidden away that I would be willing to invest in a secret hide-away. I can probably save up more to contribute by the time we’re ready to make a purchase. I can sew well enought to make us a flag! I dunno if we’re organizing an infrastructure or not but, I can contribute executive secretarial and elementary education skills.

Ready for a sabbatical,

P.S. I’ve also got a year’s supply of toothbrushes, first aid supplies and sunscreen. :slight_smile:

I’ll sell my body.

I can probably fit in about 20 dollars (CD) which is probably about 5 bucks USD


That island is about one hour from where I live. I say we buy it. I’ve always wanted a one room cabin in the middle of nowhere. :slight_smile:

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There you go bringing class into it again…

Ah, hell, count me in for $1000 USD. An island full a Dopers has gots to be the cool place to be.

Now this:
Would be one hell of a doper hangout. Unfortunately, it appears that if we have to ask how much it is, we can’t afford it.

I’m in for… well, some amount of money if it ever actually happens. Though failing the above island, I’ll put in a bit extra for this one:

Hell, if this ever happens, count me in for $1000! That would be too cool for verbal expression!!