Pit bags--what the hell?

Having lived in a cowtown and suffered from intermittent agoraphobia for the past few years, I’ve been out of the fashion loop for awhile. What with all the students moving back into my new city, though, I’ve become privy to what seems to be a new fashion zeitgeist–the pit bag. A tiny, bitty, can barely fit a cell phone and a credit card purse, with an incredibly short strap, worn atop the shoulder and carried squashed inside one’s armpit. I first noticed it at my temp job at the university bookstore, when it seemed like every third girl was sporting one. I’ve seen it in a couple recent TV shows too, so I know it’s not just this area that’s doing it.

Is this really a new style? Does anyone else think this looks as dumb as I think it does? Does anyone here wear their handbag like this, and if so, what’s your rationale? Why don’t you just wear it around your wrist, or carry it, or carry a bag with a long strap? Oh yeah, and do you have to spray the bag with deodorizer after you wear it out on a hot day?

I’ve never seen these, but maybe they’re just hiding out in armpits. Sounds bizarre to me. And uncomfortable–who wants lumpy armpits? But fashion is weird sometimes–I still don’t understand why Vera Bradley bags were popular with college students, because to me they look like something my grandma would have carried.

They’re quite common as travel accessories – perfect for carrying some cash and your passport where no pickpocket or cutpurse can reach it – but I’ve only seen one in the U.S., and never worn as if fashionable.


I’m glad someone else notices the pit bags! Everywhere you go, women are walking around with these little things squashed in their pits. It can’t possibly be comfortable- imagine not being rest your arm naturally against your side the whole day. I know purses have become more prominent fashion accessories, but this especially unholy incarnation of the purse has pretty much taken over.

My personal opinion is that purses are a tool of the patriarchy that forces women restricts their movement by putting all their valuables in one well displayed easily stoplen place, often leaves the one-handed and therefor pretty much gimped, and makes them dependent by giving them something to leave and forget places. The armpit purse is a reaction to recent advances in womens rights that is designed to make them look stupid as well.

Purses have become much more important as an accessory than they used to be (I blame Paris Hilton). I tried a “pit bag” on just to see what it felt like. It felt like my main upper-arm artery was being pinched off. In addition to the discomfort, you can’t just sort of grab stuff out of it.

Yes, they’re cute with the bright colors and assorted fabrics and all. But they just don’t seem functional enough to bother with.

By the way, this thread should be in “the pit.” :smiley:

Are you just talking about a small purse with a short strap like this? They’re just incredibly handy because they’re bigger than a wallet so can hold your cell phone and can also be tucked under an arm so you can use both hands if needed. Long strapped purses can be kinda annoying and get caught on things. The ones with short straps are easier to keep track of and can be worn on the arm if desired. I don’t really see an issue.

Yeah, that’s excatly what I’m talkin’ 'bout.

I’m the kind of person that likes to carry around all my worldly possessions (okay, maybe just a book, and a notebook and pens, and my mp3 player, and maybe a second book in case I finish the first one) with me, so I need something bigger than a pit bag. Plus I like to have easy access to my stuff, so untwining a bag from my upper arm would be a real pain in the ass. I’ve never seen the point in bitty-bags; if all I have to carry is my wallet and keys and phone, I’ll just put them in my pockets. But to each their own. I just don’t understand how handbag people don’t go crazy without a book on them at all times! What do you do in lines?

Well, I only carry the little bag if I’m going out (like in the photo) or maybe going shopping (so I don’t want to carry a lot of stuff). A lot of my clothing doesn’t even have pockets (or if it does have pockets, I don’t want a lot of bulky stuff ruining the line) so without a little bag, I’m stuck begging my friends to hold my money, credit cards, keys, cell phone, lip stick, breath mints, and tampons.

This is my everyday bag. (ignore the silly string) It’s large enough to hold all of the above plus a notebook, pencil case, HP40SX, business cards, etc. It’s just a lot more unwieldy than the little purse.

I agree. I usually carry a briefcase to work with all the extra stuff inside, so having a tiny little purse for just my wallet, cell and keys is really handy. I used to carry one of those wallet-on-a-string thingies but I’ve switched to one of the short strap purses. I really like not having something bumping around on my hip. But I don’t tuck mine under my arm. I wear it behind my shoulder.

I like the small purses, but think it’s a bit silly to cram it under your armpit. I carry my small purses old lady style: on the crook of my elbow.

Since I’m 23 and still regularly get carded for things where you have to be at least 18 years old, I doubt people will think I’m a member of the Bingo Brigade. :wink:

While I was in school I thought that they looked funny, but I can understand the need for a small bag without dangly straps. Girls’ pants are always so tight (in general) that putting wallet/ID/cellphone in any pocket can be a pain to deal with.
Luckily I’m a guy, so I can fit phone, wallet, cigs, lighter and a full can of beer into one pocket.
Alright. Maybe not the beer. But with all that stuff on one side it definitely fits in the other pocket.

All you can say is: it’s got room for the essentials and it isn’t clunky. Whether you wear it in the pit or not is a matter of individual choice…and storage odor.

Honestly, as a straight guy…I kinda like 'em. Lady Mung’s roommate had a cute one, and then she got one, then I got one for my mom. Some are stupid looking but a few look really cool. In a retro kinda way.

“Pit bag” is the most apt term for these I can think of … but surely that’s not how their marketed. What do the makers call them to help women overcome their common sense?

… how they’re marketed

(yes I are a colledge gradgeeeate, why do you ask?)

How do most people carry the newspaper or magizine into the bathroom, under their arm pit, so I would say that even though it may look uncomfortable, we had years of evloution which lead up to carrying items there,

Why did this have to go into the sexist direction? I personally don’t know any women who are forced by men to carry pocketbooks, and they choose to carry them themselves. Also women have different needs to carry items then men, due to biology. It would be quite embarassing for women to just carry a pocket book during that time of the month, and it would most likely be know today as a period bag by now if they did.

Don’t panic everyone!

I recently bought one of these, which means it will be out of fashion in mere weeks.

Yeah, but men design women’s clothing- without pockets. The bastards.

I carry my cell phone and ID in a scrotum extension I had made for me by a plastic surgeon. They always have plenty of left over skin.

Yes, I leave the phone on vibrate. (FUN!) Having your genitals erupt into a cacophony of badly midi-ed classic rock can be quite embarrassing in certain circumstances.

Because women supposedly won’t wear pockets. I, personally, LOOK for clothes with pockets, because I’d rather have pockets than be burdened with an unweildy bag.

At the high school level, all the girls seem to be carrying what I cal 70s hooker purses: Big bags with as much sparkle as you can possibly pack onto the space. I actually kind of like them: sure, they are tacky as hell, but they are fun and silly and I think that’s appropriate for high school.

I, myself, attach a slim card case to my keys to carry debit card, driver’s licence, and cash, and my cell phone loose. I always wear pants with pockets or a jacket with pockets.