Pit for ZosterSandstorm

Now, I am not commenting on the accuracy of the notion that pain in all in the brain but the idea isn’t out there in a vacuum.

Have I told you lately that I like you?

I have heard about phantom limbs before, but I need to do more research on it. I believe that trauma to the nerves may be involved. So you feel the limb, but the signals are from farther up the tracks.

Well, duh.
Of course all pain is in the brain, but - so what?
That doesn’t mean it’s any less painful. If medication helps, it should be available.

There once was a Faith Healer of Deal,
Who said “Although pain isn’t real,
      If I sit on pin
      And it punctures my skin,
I dislike what I fancy I feel.”

ZosterSandstormfront pitting has been a long time coming.

Feel free to add your reasons to the thread.

I’d have to say it’s pretty simple: He’s a Nazi, going by the corpus of his posting here. I get more Stormfront vibe than sandstorm vibe when seeing his nonsense.

The impression I get is that he somehow needs the comfort of a clearly dichotomised world. Good OR bad, ill OR an addict. The fact that reality doesn’t work like that seems to baffle him. Unfortunately he shares that trait with many people.

I did a quick search on what can legally be done.


A physician can abandon a patient whom he views as drug seeking or who has in some way “violated” the informed consent agreement. Although state laws and medical ethical rules do not allow abrupt termination of a physician-patient relationship, a prescriber does not have to keep you in his practice. If you are stable and able to find another physician, he can terminate you if he provides a brief written explanation of his reasons. An oral message is insufficient. The physician
must also agree to continue your care for at least 30 days and he should also provide a referral.

However, if you are at a critical or important point in your treatment, abandonment by notice and 30-day care is not permissible under common law. This restriction should apply to a patient taking opioids for pain because the consequences of withdrawal for a person who has a chronic illness could be significant.
Additionally an un-medicated patient may face a return of the pain that had been mediated by the opioids; he will almost certainly experience anxiety and distress. In short, a period without continuity of care could constitute a medical emergency. It seems logical that refusal to treat a patient until the patient has obtained another physician (or perhaps until it becomes clear that the patient is not making a serious effort to transfer care) should constitute abandonment.

What Can You Do?

I’m not sure that tactic will help the community with ZS unfortunately. :confounded:

I’m sorry ZS? ???

The poster being Pitted here. People are saying that poster ZosterSandstorm is being a jerk in this thread:

It seems like your post would go better in that thread, rather than this one. You may have posted in the wrong thread by accident.

In one of the CRT threads, ZS misrepresents what his cites say, what other people’s cites say, and what pretty much every single poster he replies to is saying - basically, virtually every post from him grossly misrepresents whatever he’s commenting on. He is utterly incapable of debating in good faith, preferring to simply build strawmen he can knock down. And then he whines about others strawmanning him.

He’s also doing it in the ATMB thread on the Pit. Because why not play to your strengths?

I’m surprised that his earlier bullshit didn’t get him pitted before. The post that got him pitted here is actually less offensive than his earlier bullshit, but I guess it’s the straw.

I strongly disagree with the second word in your post: it should be “all.”

Well, it was my straw certainly. I hate people from outside the disabled community telling people in the community that it’s all in their heads. I have to admit that I didn’t really pay attention to him before. He’s a hateful little person.

First poster to ever go on my ignore list.

And currently he’s the only one on it.

That is because he was also added to the group that can’t debate about diversity in schools or CRT in good faith, over here.

Yeah, that’s the subject where he’s really full of shit.