Pitting David Blaine - lying already about stunt

David Blaine, the American street magician, claims that he “will go without food and will only have access to water fed through a tube for the 44-day stunt”

So what’s that water bottle doing in the box w/him? You can clearly see the bottle in this picture:


Related article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/3085590.stm

Maybe he fills the bottle up with water from the tube?

44 days? After about two I’d already be eating my hair. So what’s the deal… he’ll be on display for that long?

I’d imagine that with a crowd outside his box that some hot dog vendor will pull his cart up to do some business. 44 days is a long time to look the other way.

I thought he was allowed water.

Does he at least have a book?

How is he dealing with relieving himself?

Of course he must have water, humans can only survive a few days without it.

My beef is with the claim that he will “only have access to water fed through a tube”. Obviously that is not true.

NYR407: Note that the article says “fed from a tube”. One doesn’t “feed” a water bottle.

Nit-picky maybe. But right from the first minute, Blaine is blatantly contradicting the claimed terms of his own stunt. Making me very skeptical of the rest of the claims. My guess is that we’ll hear of nightly visits to the box by his staff, and the claim will be that they are doing “maintenance” on the box. In reality, they’ll probably be slipping him Supersized Triple CheeseBurger Value Meals, books on tape, etc. And/or swapping him out for a body double, as he most likely did with the “frozen in ice” stunt.

'Nother article: http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/media/story.jsp?story=439431

He’s allowed water but it’s not clear if he’s supposed to be just drinking from the pipe or not.

Gingersnap, David Blaine is a magician. Of course he’s lying about how he does his tricks. That’s what magicians do.

And he’s damn good at his lying, too.


No shit, really?

My point was if he’s allowed water, who the fuck cares if it’s coming out of a tube, a bottle, or a monkey’s ass.

As for how he’s doing it: suggestions I’ve read is that the water he’s drinking will contain a nutrient solution, or that he’s smuggled food concentrate in with his clothes, or that his “lip balm” is actually food concentrate (44 days without food, and you’re worried about CHAP STICK?). Obviously a stage magician is going to cheat; the fun is either in buying into the fantasy, or in puzzling out how he’s cheating.


Nit-picky “maybe”? There’s some doubt in your mind as to whether the riveting question of if he drinks directly from the tube, like a great big hamster, or puts it in a bottle first, is, in fact, “nit-picky”?

I don’t recall hearing anything about being allowed any entertainment like a book or CD player.

As for relieving himself, he claims that he has diapers for his solid waste and some sort of tube for urine removal. He hasn’t been able to stop eating before he went into the box because his doctors told him he needed as much weight as possible before he started his stunt.

I don’t know what to think of him. Seems like a glory-monger to me.

… or perhaps he knows where his towel is?

Seems like an idiot to me. There are enough people starving in the world through no choice of their own and this dumbass is doing it on purpose as a “trick?” What does this prove?


Thanks Jodi, I could not have said it better myself.

I actually was having the same thought of Blaine as a giant hamster. Now if he starts running in a big wheel for exercise…

I can’t think of anything I’d want to watch less than some attention whore sitting in a box shitting himself. Bleh.

Didn’t think of this, good point.

The point is this: He claims he’s only getting water by being fed through a tube. Yet there he is grinning and swigging something out of a water bottle, in full view of everyone.

Wonder what else he has in the box? Powerbars and paperbacks don’t take up much room…

Guin: Nail on head, chicky. (It’d make one hell of a sig line, too :slight_smile: )