Pitting energy-saver globes......

…that don’t fit my old-fashioned light-shades.

In Australia now, you can’t buy the old style light globes…they’re all of the energy-saving variety, and whilst that’s good in itself, the new ones don’t fit under my (also) old fashioned shades.

To make matters worse, my light-shade is fitted underneath a ceiling-fan, so in order to get a new shade to fit the globe, I’ll also have to replace an otherwise perfectly functional fan.

All to replace a globe…:rolleyes:

I know that feel. Part of signing up to the energy plan I’m on involved a sparky coming out to fit energy-saver globes in all of my various light fixtures… Which was fine, until he went through the house and looked at my various ceiling fan fixtures and went “Erm, no. I can’t put one here. Or there. Or there. Or in that room. We can put one here if we take the cover off and don’t put it back on again!”

At this point I’m just waiting for lights to blow and gradually replacing them with lamps.

This!! The one that blew is in my home office, so I’ve just left the cover off…makes it so much brighter I must say!

The other rooms all have lamps, so as the ceiling lights blow we’ll just permanently use the floor lights. Cheaper, nicer quality of light too.


I found some at Bunnings done up like the old fashioned globes, just for one of the lamps I have here? But it was ridiculously fucking expensive, I assure you.

Can’t you get some, I forget the term, but perhaps heat globes? They work the same way as the old lightbulbs but there intended function is that of a small space heater and therefor are allowed to be sold in places where IC lighting is banned. I learned about their availability here on the SD, so there is a thread on it somewhere.

I think I have a couple of the old ones still here somewhere. I have at least one (it’s in a packet looking at me) but I know there are more if I can find them.

I bought a new bedside lamp a few months ago and the shopowner threw in a couple of old-style light bulbs as well. He said he still had a large stash of them.

Why are using a globe when you need a lightbulb? You Australians are so weird.

We call them globes…you call them tomAtoes.


I broke two of the $8 a piece bastards the other day. Stupid clip-in light fitting. The incidents were separated by a few hours - I thought the second one I bought was shorter than the first, and I thought I had measured it properly, but I must have miscalculated by a few mm.

I found an old-fashioned candle-shaped filament/incandescent (what’s the right word for it?) in the house that fits for the moment, while I search for a shorter low-energy one.

Yeah, and you call flip flops thongs. I won’t link to a pic of what thongs are here. Antipodeans is weird. :slight_smile:

Here, the normal type looks like this. Considering they’re actually smaller (it seems?) than real bulbs, they fit fine in regular sockets/shades. There’s also LED bulbs, but they’re comparatively damn expensive.

Light bulb bans are bullshit IMHO. Incentives for CFLs is a better plan.

Keep shopping around Kambucta, I think I’ve seen normal shaped bulbs at Bunnings. Ikea also have normal shaped bulbs but I think they are all screw-in rather than bayonet.

keep shopping is a good suggestion. many bulb/globe types are now being made with the same envelope for the bulb/globe they would be replacing.

how long has this ban been in place that we can no longer buy incandescent globes? Last time I bought globes was about 8 months ago at Woollies in Darwin and there were plenty of the old-fashioned type available.

  1. You probably saw the halogen energy saver globes. They look like old fashioned ones at a glance, but are usually about $3 each.

The only old-style incandescents you can get now are low wattage special ones like those candle bulbs, oven lights etc.

100% agreed. Them newfangled twisty thingys suck.

They “emit ugly light.” You can quote me. :eek: