Pitting my Catholic co-worker

Mmmm. . . homemade macaroni and cheese. That’s a little slice of comfort-food heaven, there.
Especially if you add a nice can of chunk-light porpoise (in water, not oil). . .

Heh. My 24 year old daughter lives with me and my husband, and most of the time, SHE cooks dinner. She doesn’t pay rent, but she does do a lot of the housework and cooking as her contribution to the household… She enjoys cooking and is quite good at it. She can make a tasty vegetarian meal, in fact.

When I was growing up, my parents observed “no meat on Friday” throughout the year (they still do even though it’s no longer a requirement). That was always a treat because Mom makes the best homemade mac and cheese with tuna.

Yesterday I got the Swiss cheese sub for dinner, but that’s OK because I often would choose that over meat anyway.

Twenty-four seems younger every day, so maybe this girl’s behavior can just be chalked up to immaturity. But the verse above is pretty obvious about how to act, if she just listens.

I totally feel your pain! I used to have two Catholic friends who whined and whined throughout Lent (one was 24, the other 27). Not just about the meatless Fridays, but about what they gave up for lent. So for years, I had to listen to whinings like “Wah, I gave up bubble gum!” or “Wah, I gave up beer and it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day. What was I thinking?!?!” I put up with it until they started picking on me for my lack of religion. The 27 year old who was living with her boyfriend and was on the pill, informed me one night that I was going to hell because I was never baptized. I was taken aback and hurt. When I told her that she hurt my feelings and asked for an apology, she told me it’s her beliefs and if I can’t deal, that’s my fault. The 24 year old was extremely spiteful and a big grudgeholder and believed I was going to hell too. If you encounter religious hypocrites who like to pass judgement, run like hell. Don’t waste your breath arguing with them. You can’t argue someone out of a tunnel they dug for themselves.

I gave up Catholicism for lent.

Once again this year, I forgot all about the whole Lent thing, and so I was surprised at first when my co-workers (who are overwhelmingly religious and around half Catholic) started asking ‘Where are your ashes?’ and ‘What are you giving up for Lent?’

Thankfully my answers were already prepared from years before, and it took me only a second to trot them out each time I was asked.

Co-worker: So, where are your ashes? Did you forget? Are you going later?
catsix: Oh, I already had my smoke break. Ashes in the ashtray, along with the cigarette butts.
Co-worker: No, your ashes for Lent, where are they?
catsix: I lent 'em out.
Co-worker: Well if you’re going to be difficult… Co-worker walks away in huff

Later in the day…

Co-worker2: I gave up chocolate for Lent. What did you give up?
catsix: Religion
Co-worker2 mutters something about catsix going to hell
catsix: See you there.
Ah… so begins the lengthy period of irritating the religious folks at work without any effort at all.

You know, there’s that old question and catechism answer about people who have never heard about Jesus being spared because they hadn’t rejected Him, but if you have heard about Him and reject Him, uh-oh. Well, since almost everyone has at least heard something about Jesus, maybe it means you have to have heard about Him in a way that leads you to Him or leaves you open to Him. If these are the examples of Christians you are seeing, that’s really sad. They certainly aren’t doing much to leave you with a welcoming heart for Him.

Reminds me of a friend going on about how devout her friends are and how important their Catholicism is to them. I said, “Aren’t they living together and presumably having sex?” “Oh yes, but they feel very guilty about it!” :rolleyes:

OK, so that story’s not really relevant, but it’s always bugged me!!! Thanks for letting me vent.

I pretty much ignored it, just like all the other glurge I get from my coworkers.

I vote for keeping some Slim Jims in the desk drawer and walking in with a big ol’ pastrami and swiss for lunch every Friday. If you’re gonna be hellbound, it should at least be a fun ride, that’s my philosophy.

Seriously though, what the fuck is wrong with fish once a week? It’s not like it has to be raw fish or something. Fish is actually pretty darn good. It’s like complaining “Oh man, I have to have nachos every Wednesday to appease the mighty Thor!”

Shit! I forgot Thor’s nachos! Now I’ll never get to drink beer all night and fight all day.

Wow, that is seriously whiny. And I worked with at least 3 Catholic co-workers for 4 or 5 years, and every year we’d have a great discussion about what they were giving up. Not whining, just a discussion. They were so matter-of-fact, and calm about the whole thing that I didn’t even know about the meatless Fridays thing. I mean, I know that cafeterias always serve fish on Fridays “because of the Catholics”, but I had no idea it was mandatory during Lent. I was just happy because I love deep fried battered fish! (-:

Obviously, mo co-workers were never as whiny as your co-worker, yellowval, or I would have known about that rule a lot sooner!

And as for wanting to take the high road, I think you did when you told her that religion means not complaining, then walking away. I think that showed restraint and poise on your part.

So, she’s fornicating AND using contraception? Those are two big Catholic no-no’s, as I understand things. Going to hell, indeed! :smiley:

What, Rabbit Fish?

Well, It’s got fins…


Well, there are several species of rabbitfish, genus siganus.

And Welsh “rabbit” contains essence of anchovies from the Worcestershire sauce.

Well here in Michigan there is a community that serves muskrat for Lent because it’s a “seafood.” No really.

The best answer I ever heard in answer to, “What are you giving up for Lent?” was “guilt.”

The thing that confuses me is, I was fairly sure that only a small minority of the population was Catholic. Come Lent they seem to come out of the woodwork though. People who don’t belong to a congregation and don’t follow any other tennets of the faith queue at the church on AW. What is with that anyway? I have seen people who don’t even self describe as Catholic walking around with ashes on their brow.

According to the 2000 Statistical Abstract of the United States, there are 62 million Catholics (table #74), the largest single denomination in the country.

Too bad. Because I was going to suggest that, the next time she complains, you say: “Oh, come on, you don’t know how easy you’ve got it. I’m a Hebetudinite, and I’m not allowed to have anal sex until Flag Day. So quitcherbitchin.”

I’d give real money to see her face upon hearing that…

By the late Middle Ages–after the plagues–when the middle class really started, meat became much more common, especially in the cities. All sorts of poultry, mutton and pork were most common, and wild game, (unless the land was posted against poachers), but beef was around as well. The Church wouldn’t have cared if the serfs got meat or not, but any moneyed class would catch their attention.

And yes, any number of Churchmen (priests, bishops abbots, and what have you) would have found ways around the meatless rule by declaring something to be fish–remember, the Church wa very secular in this period, and the priesthood was a path to power (and often wealth), so you didn’t need to have a calling to become a priest, and being too devout was often looked at with a bit of suspicion.

That’s funny, Kallessa…I once read a 16th-century act book for the Diocese of Norwich in England in which the bishop declared pork safe for Lent. That area of England just happens to be famous for its pork sausages…

Serious part of the post over. I know it’s late, but I had to add…