Pitting NYTimes.com

I know that there have been similar sensitivity threads lately, but bare with me.

During my lunch break, I scrolled over to the Times website, to find this article on the front screen, complete with a very graphic picture of an Iraqi prisoner being tortured.

I realize this is all horrible and disturbing, and I’m all for freedom of the press, but a warning would be nice. Anyone can just hop online and get these pictures, if they went looking for them, but having them so open on the front page of the most widely read paper in the world? Anyone think this is appropriate for schoolkids, doing research?

I think it’s possibly appropriate for some of them, depending on what their parents say.

I don’t think we should judge the content of the New York Times by whether it’s appropriate for schoolkids.

I guess you should be glad you didn’t pick up The Guardian or The Daily Telegraph in London this morning. (BTW, the caption on The Daily Telegraph’s photo says it’s water, although it looks like vomit to me.)

Why should I bear with you? It’s the old “make the adult world safe for kids” argument, and it’s bullshit.

Goddamnit I don’t care about the fucking kids. I’m tired of hearing about this. If this is what it takes to make some people realize just how well we are bringing democracy to the world, and what great & wonderful people we are…

(calms down)

Seriously, if there are kids reading the NY Times I’m impressed and pleased.

If you’re uncomfortable with seeing graphic images of the war crimes perpetrated by the US and UK, good. You should be. If your kids see it, sorry but it’s time they learned that there was more going on than pulling down Hussein’s statue.


People think the papers are making things seems worse over in Iraq than it is. In fact, the reverse is true: the papers mostly sanitize what is happening.

I suppose this is so as not to disturb those who think America (or the UK) is absolutely the greatest country ever, and the government never makes mistakes, and we’re winning the war against terrorism, and the peple of Iraq love us, and Iraq is going to be a shining new model capitalist democracy in no time.

Fuck it, if adults aren’t going to pay attention, I damn well hope our children do, in the hopes that they behave differently someday.

Which, if you saw the entire footage of the event and not just some closed-in crop, you would realize there were only a few score of people at the event, not massive throngs as the media made it appear. And the right continues to bash the media as being too liberal when, in my opinion, it often seems to serve more as a puppet of the government.