Pitting PKBites

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I don’t think the correct word is “random”, rather I think it’s better to label it as “arbitrary”. If the violence is done as “preventative maintenance” and not in response to misbehavior, it certainly would seem arbitrary to the one being beaten.

It’s similar to a situation where you are a child doing your family’s laundry and folding clean clothes. If you sort the clothes into piles prior to folding them, and your father thinks you shouldn’t do that, well that gets you a beating. If there is no explanation of why doing it that way is wrong, it certainly seems arbitrary. Especially if you were given no previous instructions on how you are supposed to do it.

As to whether that sort of thing creates lasting harm, I think those experiences may have contributed to the fact that I have a lot of trouble receiving praise almost 30 years later. I am never comfortable with it, especially at work. It just always feels wrong and I just don’t accept it well; I reflexively downplay anything I do. Yeah it fucked me up. It’s probably not good for a person’s career to always keep your head down and try to do a good job quietly and avoid bringing attention to your accomplishments.

Maybe that makes me seem like a “better” person but I’m pretty sure it’s not in any way healthy.

Abuse is not good a good thing to joke about. If people tell you that it bothers them and you double down and revel in it, guess what, you are admitting to being a troll.

I’ve been working with kids for the last seven years. Do I get annoyed with them? Oh yes. Have I been very tempted to smack 'em? Sure, that’s pretty human-we all have bad impulses from time to time, I’d think. Would I ever do so? NO and I’d be deeply ashamed of myself if I did it or threatened to do so. Am I a bad person? I’d genuinely like to know, as this has been bothering me.

Being pissed off by kids makes you human.

Not acting on it makes you a good human.

Good ol’ psychological torture of kids (i.e. the “silent treatment”, confiscating their possessions without warning for unstated or vague infractions) is an alternative for parents who want to avoid physical discipline.

Hey, it was standard fare when I was growing up.

Oh, yeah, the whole “You know what you did” thing.

Happened to me at school, too.

I’ve heard that “back in the day”, in some places it was acceptable for strangers to “correct” (i.e. spank) strangers’ kids in public if they didn’t think the child was acting appropriately. There have been news stories in recent years about people who were arrested for doing this. Good.

Another thing that used to be common, but thankfully isn’t any more, is parents trying to get a misbehaving child to mind by saying, “If you don’t behave, I’m going to take you to the doctor and have him give you a shot!” and then they wonder why the kids are afraid of the doctor.

There are a shitload of things that were acceptable “back in the day” that aren’t acceptable anymore. As you say, good.

…it was this post here a couple of years ago, where he called sex workers “unlicensed whores” that told me everything I needed to know about pkbites, and the type of policing they did.

I attended an all-male boarding school. There were always a few reasons for my to be called into the house-master’s office, and in my school, that inevitably meant a caning.

The good thing about this is that I learnt to read upside down; in order to correctly assess which offense I had been caught on. The bad thing is that, having read the report on the desk, was that I also learnt to fluently lie about what I had done. My lying got to the point where I considered it sociopathic, and upon leaving school I actively stopped lying.

I can, however, still read upside down text almost as fast as I can read the right way around.

I get the initial joke. As I said upthread, I know some people who would make that type of joke. But it seems odd to me that you would want to continue it once things got real, and people were accusing you of actually beating your kids.

Everyone I know would make it abundantly clear they didn’t beat their children if there was even the faintest whiff of anyone thinking they were serious. It seems very strange to me that you would rather continue the “joke.” I would think the time for whimsy had passed.

But maybe things are different where you live.

If it were literally on a schedule, like every Sunday afternoon, that would actually be less bad than it being completely random. Still very bad, but actually random is just that much worse.

@pkbites is showing some pretty classic virtue signalling. He’s letting all of the other conservatives know how tough he is by beating his children.

Sometimes when you’re feeling weak a little violence towards someone 1/3 your size can pick you right up and make you feel tough again.

I read it as sarcastic defiance. My hunch is that, yeah, pk probably wasn’t afraid to give his kids a good spanking but I don’t get the vibe that he beat them to a pulp. FTR, I do agree that there are better ways to discipline children.

There’s a particular subset of a major ethnic group that doesn’t seem to have a problem with beating children. I saw plenty of evidence of that on Facebook after this happened - in short, they were praising him to the skies and said they’d (have) do(ne) it themselves to their own children had they not feared arrest and CPS. Before calling me racist, those were the majority people who responded in droves on social media. It really disgusted me.

If you think it’s OK to beat kids because you were beaten and you turned out OK, you did not turn out OK.

More than that, if you think it’s ok to beat/arrest people without any evidence of wrongdoing on the mere assumption that everybody, everywhere is guilty and hiding personal wrongdoing at all times, something is very, very wrong with you.

Yeah, as a kid seem to recall hearing some kids I knew who, when even if they were innocent, got a shellacking anyway because “it’s for last time” or “all the times you got away with it”. Sadistic fucks.

Like I said earlier on this board, I always ask people who say things like this if they think it’s OK for men to beat their wives. Haven’t had one yet who admitted that they did.