Pitting PKBites

If you say: “My dad said that I should beat my kids. I found this advice helpful. Flame me if you must.”

. . . and follow it up with “don’t flame me, I didn’t mean it” when people do what you ask . . . well, there’s a fundamental disconnect and at best a failure at basic English communication.

You can’t have it both ways.

Maybe he’s afraid of getting hit.

That seems oddly coy: just say “White people.” Of course there’s a huge subset of white people that doesn’t seem to have a problem with beating children. I’m pretty sure that the OP is about a member of that subset.

Or perhaps you were being more “insouciant”, then.

No but really, how often?

So he was close?


Any parent is familiar with the anger and frustration when a kid defies you.
“Take your shoes off the couch and put them away.”
or whatever your button is. But the majority of parents don’t lash out in a physical rage; they use some other strategy get compliance.

On so many of these cops out of control videos, I see a very similar dynamic at play.
“Get on the ground and freeze!”
“what’d I do?”
I see the same immediate rage in the cop that parents have when their kids are defiant. These things seem to play out like children mouthing off to an abusive parent. The cops treat everybody like out of control children who they do not respect.

(Not all cops, not all parents, not all children, whatever.)

I don’t think that’s fair. Those cops are doing a job they’re trained to do. They might be gentle with kids but are trained to be tough on suspects.

Cops that go beyond their training or flat-out break the law and abuse their positions, that’s a different story. Those assholes I’m sure are monsters if they have kids.

(I know you referenced “cops out of control” which applies to my second paragraph but the interaction you described could also be a normal interaction with someone suspected of being potentially violent.)

I suspect a lot of our problems with toxic policing stem from really bad police training.

I agree with that. Some places are trying to reform but I’m sure it’s hard to roll back decades and generations of that kind of training.

Like any other organization, you can change formal training, policies and guidelines, but the behaviors modeled by the veterans.

I live in a town with a lot of police families (almost all Boston Irish). If you listened to the talk both on social media and in real life, they seem to think there is no problem with a hundred “punks” having to die if it reduces the risk they their husband/brother/son/father doesn’t come home by 1%.

But this thinking only applies to Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. In our own town, any police action is overreach and overreaction.

Thought of taking this to Great Debates, but why bother with this disingenuous piece of shit.

Honestly, it’s not a race issue, it’s a class issue. Working class people seem to disproportionately romanticize beating kids. If shows your kids (and you, as a kid) had spirit. It shows how tough both the beater and the beatee were. It’s a rite of passage and a sign of affection. It’s totally fucked up.