Pitting SayTwo

I can’t really post any transgressions as I’ve had him on ignore for a very long time now, but any regular in The Quarantine Zone knows what I’m talking about. I started ignoring him in the early days when he claimed that the new cases per day curves of Taiwan and Sweden were similar (they weren’t even in the same universe). My beef is that even though I have him on ignore, so many posters spend so much time swatting down his bullshit that it makes the threads little more than fact checking of his dumb fucking opinions that he sometimes like to pretend are facts. What octopus does to Great Debates, SayTwo does to TQZ. Stop it, ya Trump felching santorum mimic.

For flavor, some of the responses to his shitposts:

You’re endangering lives with your anti-mask bullshit and your JAQing off about this deadly pandemic. Why don’t you read some better sources and stop killing people. Or, just fuck off.

So we have to fight disease and despair by causing more of it?

Your arguments are nonsensical.

That makes no sense whatsoever.


I’m sorry, did you have a point or a rebuttal to make?

Or are you just making a useless passive aggressive drive by?

I can’t believe we are this far into the pandemic and some people still don’t understand that people getting the virus is only part of the problem. People SPREADING the virus among the community is the major problem.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

Are you paying attention to infectious disease experts, or are you getting your messaging from the “my freedom, government tyranny” folks?

SayTwo is an ignorant fuckstick of the highest order


Rant supported.


I haven’t encountered the individual (I spend virtually NO time in QZ). Does (s)he post in the Pit?

Ugggh, yes! I’ve replied a few time myself. That’s it, he goes on ignore so at least I won’t be tempted to waste my time with him again.

Another one fucking up the covid threads is Magiver.

Just came in here to mention Magiver but beaten to it. They both have a habit of using weekend data to ‘prove’ that the mortality rate has fallen - despite the fact that a couple of days later its back to over 1000 per day - something they conveniently fail to ever include in any of their ‘calculations’.

Saytwo also has a habit of picking ‘facts’ from his arsehole and then trying to find cites when called on it - and those cites almost inevitably contradict the claim being made when read in full and in context.

Every time these two are pinned down they move the debate to another country, or another period of time that suits their idiotic claims and then ty to dress up that information as the latest data.

I had this extensively with these, especially Saytwo who claimed and claimed Sweden had got it right, even when the Swedish leader was already stating his nation got it wrong.

Not once has either of them taken a risk analysis approach or a default safety first position, both claiming that the current state proves the futility of current measures, instead of the more obvious one which is that the current situation is because of people, cities and states implementing measures are the reason that things are not far worse.

On this board they seem to believe the fallacy that continuing an argument when everyone else has walked away in disgust is a sign they have won - it means nothing of the sort, it actually means that other posters have seen all the salient points made, seen them ignored and understand the futility of presenting these wilfully ignorance twats with the same factual information forever.

Nothing except infection and death will ever convince these dolts there is a logical and workable solution to the Pandemic - and that this does not need to result in the deaths of hundred of thousands of human weaklings who do not deserve to live a moment longer - the vulnerable should simply accept their fate and allow the rest of us to make lots of money.

Pure scumbags.

And that uneven implementation of evidence-based measures (even modest ones) are why we’re in the mess we’re in. This isn’t rocket science.

Exactly. His understanding of masks is especially poor. He couldn’t get it into his thick skull that masks are more for source control than for protecting the wearer in the general public. When he finally understood the concept, he tried to argue that cloth masks are poor at source control. Out of the tons of laboratory experimental papers and epidemiological data out there, he cites a mathematical modeling paper. Not only that, the paper didn’t support his premise.

By the way, there’s evidence out there that even cloth masks are providing some protection to the wearer.

Which, I want to point out is absurd. Your classic “surgical mask” is designed for source control during surgeries- i.e. keeping the medical staff’s mouth/breath germs away from the surgery patient. Clearly they work, or we wouldn’t have been seeing them for more than a century now. That’s why they’re being worn today as well.

Stuff like N95 masks are to protect the wearer- that’s why they have a filtration rating. I assume they work for source control as well, but that’s not their primary purpose.

But of course, they have the side effect of cutting off oxygen to the surgeon, so they regularly pass out during any surgery longer than 20 minutes.


Not to mention you breathing your germs right back into your lungs!!

Yay for the new mod!

The last dozen or so posts in the Sweden Fucked Up thread are all because the frothy fecal puff can’t stop opening his poop hole and dumping turds all over the place.

I have never seen someone root so hard for the deaths of thousands of Kiwis.

It is beyond disgusting.

He was threadshitting all over the Breaking News thread, but @Colibri shut him down hard, so maybe we’ll start seeing him take his shits solely in the appropriate threads. Yeah, I don’t believe that either unless the mods are up for a long game of whack-a-mole.

I also noticed that when someone quotes him quoting someone, I actually can see what he wrote, which makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Not sure if that’s intentional on the part of the Discourse team.

It appears that @SayTwo is up to his old ways again, fecal smearing all over a discussion about the rationale behind opening up in the face of rising COVID numbers, so I invited him here.

I can’t even read those threads anymore because I have three people on ignore. I was hoping it would clean up the feeds but now there’s nothing there to read. Oh well.

Almost all of the last 10 posts are responses to his idiocy in this thread. I can’t even see his posts, but can tell how fucking stupid they are by the responses.

@Rittersport wrote very close to what I wrote when I finally put the dude on ignore.

SayTwo has been pushing against masks and lockdowns from the beginning. What a dangerous asshole.