Pitting the crappy temp service I work for, part II

OK, the crappy temp service I work for has this crappy rule that you have to call in to get a number about three hours before the beginning of your shift.

So, today, I called in to get my number and… I was not on the list.

What happened is this. Every Wednesday, there is a two hour window in which you call and tell them what days you are available to work. They then ignore your availability and schedule for whenever the hell they want to. So, last week I missed the call-in window. No big, there is a second chance. The schedules come out on Friday afternoon, and if you don’t pick up your schedule by 8:30 Monday morning, it is given away. So I went in Monday and got an unclaimed schedule. Only two days, but since I’m living with my mother, it’s no big. ( We have an agreement that she would support me while I was in school and until I found work, and once I get my license and am working as a massage therapist, I will support her for the rest of her life. Sounds fair to me…) Anyhoo, the guy who never came in and got his schedule, the guy whose schedule was given to me, was never taken off the list. So, he found out that he had been scheduled for today, and called in and got a number, and will be working the shift that I legitimately should be walking out the door to go work instead of posting to a message board about how I got screwed out of my shift.

Foul, I cry. Foul. The rules suck, but, nonetheless, are the rules. If you don’t pick up your schedule over the weekend, it is given away, and your only shot at getting work during the week is to come in and hang around the office and see if someone doesn’t call for their number, or calls off sick. Then you get to work.

I wouldn’t be quite as upset, except that last week, I only had three days, and was crossed off the list by mistake, so I ended up only working two. They wouldn’t put me back on the list, even though I was legitimately scheduled. And, I’m only scheduled for two days next week, which makes money even tighter. Ideally, I would like to be working four days a week so I can save up some money, mom and I would be fairly comfortable if I worked three days, we can squeak by if I only work two. Fortunately, we’ve both been very frugal with our money, so I’ve managed to hold onto enough of last week’s check to cover the shortfall. Plus, I throw all my loose change into a jar, and since I’m working again, any singles I have left at the end of a day also get stuffed into a jar, so if worse comes to worse, we can use that. I’m going to go in Monday and see if I can pick up another day or two from an unclaimed schedule.

I’m going to have to talk to my manager about this. Losing the occasional day here and there in what is a chaotic office is one thing, but to be dropped of the schedule two weeks in a row because some clerical type screwed up is simply unacceptable.