Pitting UltraVires

So are we sure this wasn’t just locker room tomfoolery? You know, “boys will be boy rapists” sort of shenanigans?

I thought you were joking.

That’s an example of what someone whose knowledge of the law comes from TV (including lots of Fox) would say.

He has essentially doxxed himself on this site. For this reason I’m 100% he is, for real, an actual lawyer and probably the worst lawyer in West Virginia.

I think we can safely expand beyond West Virginia.

Funny as hell. There’s a Starving Artist Studio next door.

Gotcha. Somebody that careless with documentation is not someone you’d want to hire to beat a parking ticket.

Lance Turbo and UltraVires.

The question is who knows more law. :wink:

Is there any case to be made that maybe, just maybe, having tons of discussion glorifying rape culture might be bad for the board? I dunno, listening to this shitbag blather on about how obviously all these women are lying and it’s just a “playbook” and <insert misogynistic, irrational bullshit here> is really trying my patience.

TIL Kavanaugh’s penis resembles a dead iguana and Trump’s looks like a deformed toadstool.

Heh. No. Not only did he make this argument, he also thought it was enough of a winner that he made it over and over until the mods had to tell him to drop it.

I’ll take your word for it, pics will not be required. Repeat: they are not required!

Jesus Christ. I cannot comprehend how anyone would consider this a normal and reasonable response. Are you fucking kidding me?

I have to wonder - how do the female moderators around here feel about that thread?

Probably not great, but what should they do? It wouldn’t be a popular idea just to up and ban all folks who espouse regressive views. Getting everyone on board with ignoring them would be nearly impossible, and once they’re engaged at all, the cat’s out of the bag.

This doesn’t feel like a problem that admits of easy solutions.

Huh. When I saw that, I admit I glazed over it. But now when I imagine doing the same thing–i.e., responding to my wife’s screams by covering her mouth to stifle the sounds, out of fear of disturbing the neighbors–I’m pretty amazed that anyone would do it.

The response to your spouse’s panicked screams is to make eye contact and reassure them calmly, or maybe to get rid of the offending lizard corpse, or if you’re a little bit of an asshole to puncture the tension by laughing.

If I responded by trying to cover her mouth, I’d expect my wife’s response to be…not friendly.

Every time I dump a load in mine it follows me around like we’re married.

She sounds unbalanced.

And for what? He didn’t want to attract attention? He didn’t want the neighbors to ask questions? The idea of having to explain the situation to somebody was just THAT terrifying?

Actually, that explains a lot about how his brain must work.

It makes me wonder for what other reasons he’d be covering his wife’s mouth to throttle her screams so the neighbors wouldn’t hear.