Pixel Shader Unavailable - Error, error, does not compute - Will Robinson

My daughter bought a PC game called “Pet Vet 2 - Healing Hands.” I’ve Googled my butt off and can’t conclusively determine if the error message I’m getting when we run it (Pixel Shader Unavailable) is a software driver issue, or a graphics card issue.

There seems to be some agreement that a new graphic card will fix this, but also that it’s possible to download some sort of emulation “patch” that might allow the CPU to mimic the effects.

Anyone? For the sake of a 10 year old? Who ordered it herself? With her own money? Through school? Without checking system requirements? With me? First?

Not as far as I know. Pixel shaders are a hardware component on newer (last few years) mid-range and up video cards. Since all the shader calls I have seen are a hardware call, I don’t think you can mimic them via software.

Sorry, but a new vid card would be the quickest way to fix this.

It’s a hardware issue, upgrade the video card. Had the same issue when we bought Lego Star Wars for my son, he ended up not even liking the frilling game, but I got a new puter out of the deal :smiley:

Thanks guys. Figured as much!