Places that copy CF cards to CD-ROM

I am planning to visit New York City ( mainly Manhatten ) and Washington D.C. later in the year for about 3 weeks and I am planing to be take a lot of photographs on my digital camera. Obviously I am going to need a lot of memory for all the images and instead of buying a lot of Compact Flash Cards I would like copy my CF contents to a CD-ROM when they are full.

Does anybody know of places where this can be done in the cities I am visiting and how much this would cost me?

I don’t have a laptop I can take with me and buying more CF cards will be a waste of money because i have 256MBs worth and that’s enough for what I normally use the camera for.

Thanks in advance

These days just about any photo lab can burn your CF card to CD. Check the Yellow Pages when you get here.

I’d still suggest taking more than one card with you; you’ll want to be able to shoot while a card is being downloaded. You’ll also want to check the images on the CD before deleting them from the card.

I’d recommend a couple of 512MB cards; filling the card means an almost full CD. I don’t like the idea of gigabyte cards; too much too lose at once, and I prefer having a single card dump to a single CD.

Why burn 256MB to a CD? 512MB should be a gracious plenty and is closer to full CD capacity. I took 1GB of CF cards - 1-512MB and 2-256MB - with me to London earlier this year and ended up using only the 512MB one.

I favor multi-megabyte cards but suggest you buy some more capacity so you don’t run out if you can’t get to a lab. Costco has 256mb compact flash cards for $42 and at least one shouldn’t kill your budget.

You can get a small device that combines a CD burner and CF card reader, so you can burn the CDs yourself without a computer present. I can’t remember the names of any manufacturers, but I think they cost about $200. But if you want to go someplace to have this done, some one-hour photo labs advertise this service. Perhaps Kinkos could do it also.

Here’s one for $ 85.00 that’s hard drive based specifically for digital photographers.

X’s Drive II VP 2060 6-in-1 USB 2.0 Portable Storage Device

Add a 10-20 gig 2.5" drive for $30-$80 and you’re ready to go.

Thanks for all the advice everyone. What I will probably end up doing is to buy one or two 256MB CF cards to add to my 2 128MB CF cards and then take all my pictures on the 256MB cards and getting a photolab to copy them to 2 CDs when they are full. I’ll use the 128MB cards only if the 256MB cards are full and have not been copied.

I like the idea of hardware that will copy the CF cards to CD or HDD but it seems a bit more costly. I’ll investigate that option when I get to the USA and before I buy the extra cards.