Wow! 12 gigabyte flash cards are here!

Just a little geek moment I thought I’d share.

12GB 80X CompactFlash Card For sale end of 2004.

You can get 4 gig units right now

This is great just because it will drive down the costs of the ones I use.

Too bad the photos keep getting larger too. I remember when each one was 300k and I could fit 24 on an 8 MB card, and I had five of them. Now each one is 2 MB, and I need a 256 MB card to get by.

Amazing. I could put my entire music collection, or close to it, on one of those. Certainly on 2 of them!

Is there any way that you could take maybe 5 of them, link them together and use them as a hard drive? So you’d have all solid-state memory in your computer.
I imagine it’d be slow as hell (how fast are flash cards anyway?), and it would cost $75,000, but it would still be an interesting thing to do if you had the money.


Actually, 8 GB CF cards are now available.