Places to hide birthday gifts

My son’s turning 13 tomorrow, and last year I tried something “different” - a treasure hunt to find the best gift he was getting that year. I did about 3 clues, all wrapped in little boxes and hidden around the house, each leading to the next and the gift was in the oven.

Any suggestions where I should put this huge remote control car he’s getting tomorrow, along with clues to the final location?

If you have a fan, put it on top of that so he has to turn it on to make the clue fall.

under the cushion of a couch

in the pillow sleve of a pillow… harder to find than simply under the pillow.

in his sock drawer, rolled in a pair of socks

in a vaccum (sp?) bag. (kinda dirty i know…)

in a shoe

those are all i can think of off the top of my head… hope they help :slight_smile: