Places to stay in Memphis

My parents and sister and brother-in-law are coming over to visit me and my wife and we want to take them to Memphis (from Nashville). I have been looking in to hotels and I have found several places to stay, but I was trying to find out if there are any guest houses or places we can rent with three bedrooms wihch would cost less than three hotel rooms. We will be staying for probably 3 or 4 days but they will all be week days (probably Mon-Thurs).

anyone know of any rental places in the Memphis area?


You could check the classifieds of the local daily, The Commercial Appeal. (Full disclosure: The CA is my employer. We are the only daily that I know of in the area, though, and we’re what Memphians mean when they say, “the paper.”)

Thanks for the link jackelope. I’ll have to check it out and see if I can find anything in there.

The last time I stayed in Memphis for a few days I went to the Motel 6 closest to the dog show I was attending. It turned out to be nextdoor to some prisons.

I recommend that you not stay at that Motel 6.

Do you have any location preferences? Do you want to be close to the downtown area?
If you find a place you’re considering, you might want to run it by the natives here. Memphis has a lot of parts of town where you would not want to stay. For example, unless you’re looking for hookers, don’t stay on Lamar.

Awww, but it’s fun to watch them! They’re even out at 10:30 in the morning! And such fashion in motion… :wink:

But yea. Anything on/pretty close to Lamar may not be good, if only because that’s a major trucking route and I’m not sure you want the associated noise and whatnot.

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That is actually a great part of town. It’s much safer than hotels closest to the airport.


Might be worth a look, but it may be more expensive.

OP’s wife checking in. We used to live in Detroit, so we have seen plenty of hookers. Fashion in motion indeed. I saw one is purple fur shorts once. On the other hand, Rick’s family is coming from England, so maybe they haven’t seen the latest in hookerwear.

When I went to Memphis, I stayed in Cordova, which is a suburb. It was out of the city itself, but quite nice and safe, with plenty of hotels and nearby restaurants.

This place looks nice. You didn’t say when you were coming, so I couldn’t check availability for you. Midtown is a beautiful place with a lot of fascinating stores, restaurants, and activities…

laina_f, that’s exactly the type of place we are looking for. RickQ found it, too, and he is going to call tomorrow to check on specifics.