Places to stay/see in Bath

I need some help here. I’ll be travelling to the UK in June for a wedding in Wales and I’ve decided to put up in Bath for a few days prior. Bath seems pretty touristy and there should be a fair number of affordable hotels/b&b’s/hostels where I can stay. I am travelling with my mother so keep this in mind when answering my question, which is: Do you know of any nice and affordable places to stay in Bath? Google searches turn up many, many hotels, all of which are rather expensive. I’m looking for the neat, perhaps not so net-savvy kind of place.

And once we’re there, what shall we do? The Roman baths look interesting and Stonehendge is fairly near. I’m not too interested in gallivanting around the countryside in a tourbus or the like though. Antique stores specializing in hand tools is more my style.

So. You have your assignment. Can you help?



The Roman baths are very nice–I recommend them.

A word of warning: I was in Bath on a weekend, and it was the most crowded place I’ve ever seen. The streets were just packed with people taking day trips from London and other places.

The Assembly Rooms and Bath Abbey are lovely, and take a walking tour – beautiful city. Stonehenge is actually some distance from Bath by bus – and you can’t get near the stones anyway. If you want to see a stone circle, get to Avebury Henge, which is closer to Bath, and you can walk right up to the stones. Not as touristy and it is free. Check with the Tourist Center in town for info on transportation out there and back.
As for accommodations, have you looked into a Frommer’s Guide? They have listings for nice places in Bath.
Ditto what Opus says about crowding. VERY crowded. And another word of warning – the city is in a bowl and those hills are steep. Wear good walking shoes and stretch your calves before tootling out.

I could not agree more with this. We had this little old lady who took us around and she was perfect. Told good stories, just an awesome walk.

The baths are awesome. I wouldn’t stay in Bath though. I’d stay in Castle Combe. Possibly the most picturesque town in England. We stayed there in this awesome little cottage looking over the little river. And after staying there you can come home and rent “Dr. Doolitte” the original and see the town there. It’s fairly close to Bath.

Had to reply because I live very near Bath.

My advice, after the Abbey and the Roman Baths - get out to some of the less obviously touristy bits outside Bath. For instance, you can do walks down the River Avon, past some gorgeous pubs or visit some of the smaller places outside.

Cheddar Gorge and Caves is pretty good (about an hour away) - as is Wells with its cathedral. Wookey Hole caves are at Wells, and again, very beautiful, lots of underground waterpools, etc. Glastonbury (also about an hour) is beautiful and full (and I mean FULL) of little antiquey shops and other odd places!

Hope this helps a little. Have fun. Oh, and allow a good amount of time for your trip to Wales, the motorway gets pretty busy going over the Severn Bridge.


We were in Bath about ten years ago and found it to be a lovely place. The popular tourist sites were well worth visiting. But also consider doing something like this:

When we were returning to our auto which was parked in a residential area within a mile of the baths, we passed a small, older looking hospital or rest home. The lobby looked intriguing, and as my wife is in the medical field, something drew us inside. It was past dinner and hardly anyone was around.

An security employee noticed us (four adults) kinda lingering and inquired how he could help. After finding out we were tourists, he took us downstairs and showed us these amazing Roman mosaics that were uncovered during a rehabbing of the facility several years back. They were nicey lit and preserved and integrated with the overal design of the facility.

I bet that other buildings have similar obscure features that would make a fun exploration.

When you’re in cheddar and you’re having a potato with cheese on it and you ask for “Swiss cheese” in jest they wont laugh. They will just look at you funny.
I didn’t do that but my mom’s boyfriend did. Yes Cheddar is awesome and you could spend the whole day there. Definately best food we had in England.

When you’re in cheddar and you’re having a potato with cheese on it and you ask for “Swiss cheese” in jest they wont laugh. They will just look at you funny.
I didn’t do that but my mom’s boyfriend did. Yes Cheddar is awesome and you could spend the whole day there. Definately best food we had in England.

The best thing my family did when we were in bath was a bit pricy, so I’m not sure how it would work out for you, but…

The Pump Room had the best clotted cream EVER. I felt sick for days 'cause I loved the food there so much.

What to see in Bath?

Make sure not to miss the rubber ducky. :smiley:

I loved Wells Cathedral as well – it wasn’t as crowded as some of the other cathedrals and abbeys I visited. And Glastonbury is interesting, but has become very touristy, I thought when I visited in 1995. I was there in the mid-80s and loved it, but was really discouraged when I went back.
And you had to mention clotted cream . . . hm, clotted cream and scones . . . um. With a pot of tea . . . oh, I’m drooling. Sorry. :slight_smile:

The Romans called Bath “Aqua Sulis” - meaning the waters of an ancient British goddess who dealt with therapeutic baths (IIRC).

Great place. As well as the Roman bits, much of the central part of the town has amazing Georgian architecture.
Alcohol warnings:

  • Unlike most places in the UK, Bath has a law against drinking alcohol on the street. (Just in case you feel like a cold beer as you wander around.)
  • If you find a little pub somewhere, especially in the countryside outside the town, see if they have “scrumpy” - cider brewed in local farms. It will leave you unconscious and several IQ points lower than before, but well worth it.

Just to clarify - there are certain streets where consumption of alcohol is not allowed, but these are clearly signposted. Even if you unwittingly find yourself contravening the local bylaw (and are caught), the police will only warn you and ask you to drink up quickly!

Yes Hemlock, I know. I’ve been there.

It’s called a ‘joke’.

Bath is simply beautiful, minus the ‘grockles’ (tourists). Go to the Royal Crescent to see sublime Georgian architecture (recommend reading a book about the history of the architecture - it’s very interesting). There are loads of little pubs, cafés and restaurants - avoid chains and choose the older, privately-run places.

At the weekend when it’s packed, head for the West country - Somerset or even north Devon. Magical places.

I’ll look into these options. The main reason I’ve been curious is that getting around is a problem. Driving isn’t an issue for me, but the cost of the rental car is.

I hadn’t really appreciated the touristy aspect of the city I guess. But from all I’ve seen, Bath is no Wisconsin Dells. Thank god for that.

And thanks again for all the ideas.