Places to Submit Original Lyrics

I’ve been writing as a hobby for a number of years now and I’m starting to wonder if I can maybe turn a little bit o’ coin from it.

I’ve written a few lyrics that I think have some potential in the commercial sphere but being as how I can neither sing nor play any instruments I can’t really cut a demo or go the Youtube route. I’ve seen some places on the web that claim that if you submit lyrics they’ll hook you up with someone but none of these places seem reputable to me.

Does anyone know of anyplace that will accept lyrics and pay off if a singer/musician wants to use them? If so what are the downsides to doing this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

My dad wasn’t involved on that end of the music business, so I can’t offer anything useful myself. I do recall there is a book out there called Songwriter’s Market which is something of a Writer’s Guide for the songwriting area.

I can’t say how useful it is, but it might be a start for you, and good luck!

Here is a listing from

At the very least it will provide a starting point. Thanks very much :slight_smile:

You could always answer an ad in the New Music Express.*

Songwriters Market is generally concerned with complete songs. I wouldn’t buy a copy – best to see if your library has one and if they list any lyrics markets at all.

Most people who take lyrics are scammers; they’ll ask for a fee. Some actually will put your lyrics to music and sell you a CD (though it’s possible that scam has dried up with the advent of MP3s).

But there are not a lot of songwriters running around looking for someone to write lyrics for them. You’re probably better off doing it locally – finding bands and songwriters and seeing if you can work together.

You also need to be aware of the Iron Rule of the Beginning Artist: “You are not as good as you think you are.”**

*That’s how Elton John met up with Bernie Taupin.

**There are exceptions, but Iron Rule #2 is “Do not assume you’re one of them.”

I know the websites are just vanity-press in the digital age. That’s why I asked here.

I guess I sort of gave the impression that I’ve got a barrage of lyrics prepared to be loosed upon the world. I promise I don’t :wink:

I’ve been writing for years and I have two maybe three pieces that I think might have some appeal. Believe me I don’t fall afoul of ironclad rule #2.

Thanks for the thoughts :slight_smile: