Plame Investigation stalled?

kos is claiming that the Plame investigation is being blocked by the white house. I haven’t been able to dig up anything to disprove that allegation, but then again I can’t really find anything on the current status of the investigation.

What is going on with the Plame investigation?

Nonsense! They are simply conducting a thorough investigation. On an issue involving national security, nothing less is acceptable. And a thorough investigation takes time, lots and lots of time, to ensure that every possible lead has been followed.

For instance, there is a media operative in Chicago, where Bob Novak’s column was published, who has not been located. This operative, who worked primarily in the area of newspaper distribution, graduated from middle school and has yet to be located.

A thorough investigation!

Don’t sweat it. If we get a Dem administration in, it’ll just be a matter of picking up Scooter Libby and sweating him until he gives up Karl Rove. Abu Ghraib’ll still be around for that sort of thing.

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