Plane lands in traffic in Montreal

Watch this video - I wish drivers in TN merged that well.


The article says “just outside of Montreal”, but this actually happened in Cap-Rouge, a district of Quebec City. But anyway, an interesting event.

Generally roads are bad to land on (power lines and such) - and if a road, why not the frontage road?

still impressive.


I’m glad he made it.

Freeway is wider, you’re less likely to have to deal with on-coming traffic.

But yeah, very well done.

Dude did a better job than most Quebec drivers do in their cars.

I like how he zoomed over the highway sign before settling on down for the landing.

Holy moly!

Yeah, that plane is three lanes wide. If your frontage road was two lanes wide, and the terrain was flat, AND there were no businesses, streetlights, traffic lights, traffic signs, stopped traffic…

I want to know what was going thru the minds of the two cards right behind it. Did they see it coming well ahead of time?

I don’t know why, but the second most surprising thing about the video was the highway signs. For some reason I was expecting Canadian road signs to follow a more British/Australian style pattern, and not an American one.

I like the way several cars just casually passed the plane on the left as it maneuvered over toward the right shoulder. Quebec drivers aren’t fazed by much. They probably honked at it for going too slow and getting in their way. :smiley:

Nice landing job! I imagine the pilot was having a bit of a “Va me chercher mon pantalon marron” (“fetch my my brown trousers”) moment that day.

The highway was actually a pretty decent choice since he was able to avoid the signage. There’s a well-known rumor that the US Interstate Highway system is required to have bits that can act as emergency landing strips - though evidently this is quite untrue.. Still, especially in a less-crowded area I imagine the highways would indeed make a decent emergency landing strip.

Any General Aviation folks recognize the plane and what it’s optimal landing speed would be? Would it be difficult to match the speed of the cars (presumably 100 km/hr*)?

  • I once had a cab ride from the airport to downtown Montreal and everybody drove about 130, and the cabbie alternated between flooring the accelerator and stomping on the brake.

He forgot his turn signal. :wink:

Quite an impressive landing. The drivers stayed calm and made room for the plane.

Awesome video.

Why? They are the signs we are all used to. We are in North America too you know.

I doubt this would have been possible in ordinary times. There is a major highway (actually the very same Autoroute 40) visible from my living room window and there is only a fraction of normal traffic.

I always figured that sort of thing got set back in the 1920s-1940s when Canada was more integrated with the UK than now.

Imagine seeing that on your way to work

How does one recover the aircraft, a large platform wrecker and remove the wings?

The highway may have been a better choice because of the speed of the cars and that they are basically all going the same speed. On a frontage street cars are usually traveling much slower then airplane landing speeds and have higher speed differentials.

When you have to come down right NOW, that’s something one tends to worry about later. :slight_smile: