Planetary alignment forcast for today?

A substitute teacher for an elementary school today mentioned some sort of rare planetary alignment that is supposedly starting today and will last for a month?

I’ve googled around but have had no luck. Anyone know anything about this?

It’s not an alignment - it’s Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all visible to the naked eye. If you’re lucky enough to get clear skys and mad enough to stay up all night.

According to my local news, in the western sky you can see (going up) Mercury, the moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn, IIRC. In the eastern sky, you can see Jupiter. I saw them last night. Venus is so bright I thought it was an airplane at first but the approach would have been all wrong.

Well, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are all visibile in the evening sky.

We finally got a break in the weather, and I caught a glimpse of Mercury last night, beneath the merest sliver of a Moon. :cool:

Sky and Telescope article.