Planning a One-Week Stay in New York with my Daughters - Summer 2024

Not to derail this into another tip thread but if why are you tipping them if you don’t use their service & how long is your typical stay if you’re leaving a flat amount?

Remember US security rules only allow 3.4oz or smaller containers of liquids thru security. Only small tubes of toothpaste or shampoo or ___ can go in carry-on luggage. Doesn’t matter that that you maybe can get two more toothbrushings out of that tube as it’s clearly almost empty if the container size is too large you’ll have to toss it. About the only exception is you can take an empty (insulated?) water bottle thru & then fill it up inside the secured area & carry that onto the plane with you, saves buying ridiculously overpriced single-use bottles in the airport.

Generally, they should be okay, but if customs doesn’t recognize them, they may take them away. One thing is that sometimes meds you can get at the store in your country might not be available here or only available with a prescription. But that shouldn’t be a big deal. We have all that same basic stuff even if it’s not exactly the same as what you get.

I can’t remember if you mentioned the country you’re coming from, but NYC has immigrants from every country. They often settle in specific neighborhoods. For instance, if you were from Poland, you could go to the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn and find Polish stores that carry Polish products. So if you find you need something from your home country, there’s a pretty good chance there’s a store in NYC where you can find it.

I just meant I have the Do Not Disturb sign up during my stay so they’re not there on a daily basis. When I leave of course then they have to then clean up. Leaving them something for that just seems like the right thing to do. :person_shrugging:

I’m sure you can buy equivalent over-the-counter medicines in New York, I’m trying to avoid unnecessary expenses if the need arises.

However, I was thinking of bringing a blister card of prescription pills for me, but they’re not vital per se. I’d feel more comfortable having them, but I can definitely do without.

In any case, I’m NOT going to stuff pills in a plastic bag, of course. I’ll keep them in the original blister cards. If they’re taken away, it’s OK. I just do not want to have problems at customs, so if it’s better not to take anything, I won’t.

That’s a nice thought, but I can do without stuff from my home country for 8 days. I want to discover new things !

Best practice will be to have the blister card inside the prescription-labeled package (leaving behind what’s not needed in the travel). I’ve crossed borders with prescription meds w/o any issue but that’s mostly because at no point have I been required to actually subject the content of my bags to customs inspection (the security scan only scans for security purposes).

Chances are you won’t get a thorough check. A few random people do. Even if you get a more thorough check they are there to look for specific things. They aren’t there just to inconvenience you. A small individual amount of medicine in it’s original packaging shouldn’t cause a problem. I wouldn’t try it with narcotics but other than that they won’t care about your medications.

Before you go buy an adapter, ask the hotel front desk if they can lend you one. I’ll bet they have a box of them left by previous guests.

I don’t have the original box anymore. I might take half a dozen pills in their original blister cards. Still undecided.

Ah, good idea, I’ll do that.

So long as they aren’t opioids, or other controlled substance, you’ll be fine. I routinely travel with my meds in a pill minder, and no one has ever asked me about them. I’m sure they are visible on the security scan. Granted, I’m a middle aged white woman, so not especially likely to be hassled, and old enough that it’s normal for me to have meds. (I’m sitting in an international airport right now, in fact. I have two pill minders in my luggage, one organized with my daily doses, and a second that has “extras”, with each drug in its own compartment. And i have some little tins with other stuff. They are all boring drugs, and all but one can be purchased OTC in the US without a prescription.)

I’m sure your blister packs will be okay.

For all this drug stuff, there is what they can do versus what the are most likely to do or are almost certainly not going to do.