Planning an RV trip; need an alternate destination

Here’s the scoop: I’m planning a motorhome trip (rental) to the Cape Canaveral/Orlando area in late July. Myself, spouse, teenaged son and possibly a teenaged guest. Due to our schedules, if we don’t make the trip in this time period, we won’t be able to for many months to come.

Here’s the dilemma: Hurricanes. If there is one threatening Florida in late July, we’re going to need a plan B destination. We need one that is no more than twice the distance of Atlanta to central Florida (approx. 500 miles). We’re thinking of New Orleans (their economy really needs the money) but a theoretical Florida storm might endanger that area again (I hope not) also.

So, fellow dopers: can you think of any RV destinations that we can keep in mind if Florida is washed out? BTW, this will be our third RV trip and we absolutely love the lifestyle. Everything except the fuel cost. :eek:

How about DC?

Come up to New England! You can’t find a place more lovely in the summer. We’ve got world-class beaches (Cape Cod, Mass. NH & Maine shores); there’s moutains (Green and White), Amusement Parks, you name it. Maine and New Hampshire are especiall friendly to RV’ers, as is Cape Cod.

How about the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC/Tennessee? My uncle reviews cars and got an RV to test; he took it there and had some tight squeezes but overall really liked the trip.