Impending vacation question. Floridian input encouraged.

As per this thread, I’ve been planning an I-10 East Av Tour for several weeks now. The plan is to see the WWII Museum in New Orleans, the Stennis Space Museum in Mississippi, the USS Alabama in Mobile and the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. I’d thought a one or two day turnaround in Destin, Florida might be a good cap.

So, decent plan to spend most of next week in Florida. Unfortunately, it’s beginning to look like a couple of hurricanes might have similar plans. While they may blow through before I’d get there, I have to wonder about the wisdom of being a tourista in a less than week old post-hurricane environment.

I’ve already (long ago) reserved the vacation time, for the 13th through the 22nd. So, what say y’all? Should I go through with it, or cook up a quick Western States tour plan?

I wouldn’t worry too much about damage caused by Bonnie, but Charley has the potential to be a much more intense storm. However, it’s not likely that Charley will affect anything farther west than Apalachicola. If you aren’t going to go any farther east than Destin, you should be OK.

Definitely DO NOT miss the Naval Air Museum, especially if you like aircraft and/or WW2 history. :cool:

Have a safe trip and have fun, whichever direction you decide to go. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, Sharky. I’m inclined to follow through on the Florida trip.