Planning on seeing Rocky Horror for first time tonight or tomorrow, questions...

I have to work early Saturday morning, so I may go to the showing late tonight rather than actually on Halloween tomorrow night.

They’re showing it in a big auditorium on campus, I was planning on going. I’ve seen the movie dozens of times on TV and DVD, basically know it by heart, and know some of the audience callbacks. So I figured it would be fun to finally see it where people do all the stuff on stage and what-not.

I was just planning on showing up, watching the movie, and having a good time yelling things. But I was given to understand that the audience even usually dresses up as a character, and I don’t really have the stuff necessary to costume as a character (not even a tuxedo.) Am I going to really stick out then, or is it more casual?

Is there anything else I ought to know? Should I try to bring at least a few of the props? (the non-throwing ones, anyways.) Comments?

Paint a large letter “V” on your face.

It means “veteran.”

That way, nobody will mess with you.

You are mean (I like it).

unclviny (who was one once)

Yup, listen to bughunter. You can’t go wrong doing that.

You don’t have to dress up in character, but maybe Brad would be easy for you?

As far as props…newspaper, rice, playing cards, toast, I think toilet paper and I think water gun (though they might request you not use some of the props for post-show cleanup purposes). I can’t think of others at the moment but that’s a good start.

It also stands for something else, leading me to (correctly, it seems) derive that you are an evil trickster.

You don’t have to dress as a character. Actually, nowadays you can pretty much dress any way you want…or go in your halloween costume and have a good time. Or you could just wear black and get hold of some red, red, red lipstick, and go as THE LIPS.
…If you plan on turning yourself in as a Virgin, then you should dress in clothes that are easy to move in, wear good underwear and socks, and pray for mercy.
Things to remember:

  1. You MUST stand up and do the time warp during the song.

  2. Don’t **** with the hair.

  3. If you bring a lighter, you must turn it off when Brad and Janet sing “in the -->darkness,” otherwise, you’ll look like quite the Virgin.

  4. I can’t remember the last time I was in a theatre that let you use throwing props, so don’t even bother with them.

  5. Even if the auditorium is crowded, do NOT sit in the aisle - the cast will need to use the aisles a lot, and it’ll be a much better show if they aren’t tripping. (um, well, tripping over people anyway. )

  6. There is no rule number six.
    Also, if someone spots you or outs you as a Virgin, don’t fight it. Later, you will appreciate having a good story to tell.

if you’re seeing it on campus, i went twice there, once in my lawyer costume and once without costume, and no one cared what i wore. A guy wearing a santa claus costume and a bra hit on me, but he hit one everyone and was high on about 50 different things.

enjoy the show!

Yeah, it’s on campus, if I knew you’d gone I just wouldda asked you last time I called. :smack: I guess that’ll learn me to remember the things my friends have done from now on.

I was pretty sure gay men don’t usually find overweight guys attractive so that probably won’t happen to me, but then again I bet if anyone was into big men it’d be Transexual Santa :smiley: Roll over Mrs Claus, we’re tryin something new tonight!!

I used to be able to go as Rocky. Its been a few years and I’ve let myself go. Now I’ll have to go as Eddie! :smiley:

(Eddie has better lines, anyway. At least lines of dialog. And he gets to ride a motorcycle.)

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

I’m going to see it for the first time soon. I’m going as Columbia!! :smiley:

I went on campus once. It was fun, without the stress and hassles of seeing it in the theater with the established clique.