planters flavored beer :mr ipa-nut

seen this yesterday :
although I don’t think a honey nut flavored beer isn’t all that unique tho

read about this again but it was the same story pretty much …

Wow! I would drink this. It’s beer, afterall.

And since all these nonbeer makers are coupling their brands with beer, maybe Budweiser will be next! Wouldn’t it be cool to try a beer made by Budweiser?!

You jest, but I’ll cop to being a bit of a fan of the “copper lager” they recently put out. It’s basically still a light lager, but with a hint of decent flavor and an unusually high ABV. It’s a decent drink to sip on and strong enough that I don’t feel the need to have two. And stubby bottles, which I always find pleasant.

The craft beer boom has had a side effect of making the big macros try a little harder. Not everything is a hit, but Pabst put out a drinkable IPA and Old Style had an Oktoberfest last year that I thought was pretty darn good.