Planting sesame seeds

If you plant sesame seeds, how long does it take for something to grow? Same question for poppy.

this seems like a cool site. Hope it helps.

Sesamum indicum has a germination period of 7 to 14 days.

Papaver Somniferum will also germinate in a week or two.

Neither will germinate if they have been cooked. :wink:

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Poppy seeeds wil germinate over there?
I assume since your talking about sesame seed you mean commercial cooking poppy seeds.They sterilise them before sale here because they’re made from Opium poppy, and people were growing them to extract the opium.

Right. All poppyseeds sold for culinary purposes in the U.S. are processed (cooked) so they won’t germinate. It’s illegal to grow opium poppies in the U.S.

IIRC, back in the 1980s, you used to be able to order papaver somniferum seeds from Thompson & Morgan, in England, but a check of their website shows that they’re no longer offering any kind of papaver. At least not on-line. I haven’t had one of their print catalogs for a long time.

There was always a disclaimer printed in the catalog, pointing out that it was illegal to grow these in the U.S., but that in the interests of Science (they specialized in rare and exotic seeds) they were offering them. Evidently they’ve had to go more mainstream.

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Richter’sin Canada offers about every type of herb going, including sesame seed. I think the culinary sesame seed is either baked or held long enough in storage so that germination is unlikely.

You have to grow a ton of opium poppies to extract a significant amount of the drug. The law against growing them, unenforceable as it is, is more for show and annoyance than for any effective purpose. There are still numerous seed houses that sell seed of ornamental P. somniferum.

Can anybody find a link to a picture of a sesame plant? I’ve searched and can’t find anything.

Sesame seeds are my favorite.

This leads to a classic “Straight Dope” conundrum:

If it’s illegal to grow poppies, and the poppy seeds are all sterilized, where do all the poppy seeds come from?

Well, down under here we have large and well-guarded poppy farms for the purpose of extracting opium for medicinal uses.
That’s where we get our poppy seeds from.
You kind of need a high fence and special permission before you start cultivation though.

Leagal Schmeagal.

I (err, I mean some guy I know) grew a very nice crop of Papaver Somniferum 3 years ago right here in New Jersey. My friend’s friend ordered them from Thompson and Morgan and started them in a greenhouse.
And no, it doesn’t take a whole field of poppies to yield enough opium for one persons casual use. So I’m told. :wink:

Sesame Plant Photo:

I wonder if the average cop is trained to spot poppie plants in the same way they are trained to ID cannabis?

Well, sad to say, Shiva, but if some eager beaver DEA agent had spotted them, your New Jersey friend would have gone down for possession of a Schedule II controlled substance.

And this is interesting.

Oh yeah, he was well aware of the law. The thing is they were an ornamental variety and had pink ruffled flowers. :wink: It’d take a helluva DEA agent to know at a glance that they were P. Somniferum.

Sorry for taking this thread so far off track.

BTW, is a New Jersey friend anything like a Huckleberry friend? :wink:

I have to think that the enforcement of the ban on poppy growing is nowhere near the level of that of cannabis. Just this past summer, my magazine ran a story on a gardener who had a penchant for poppies, and identified her as growing, among her many varieties, p. somnifer. This was in a 1.6 mil. circulation magazine, and she’s still a free woman, as far as I know.

somnifer-um, I mean.

Maybe that’s why she got off … the cops thought the misspelling was a different, legal, variety … :wink: