Plastic model builders - can I remove glue from a clear plastic part?

Been doing this for a long time and continue to be a klutz at the wrong time. Dropped a bit of plastic cement onto a clear car windshield. Is there a way to remove it without dulling the “glass” finish, or am I destined to have an ugly smear on that window?

Using a plastic cement? That stuff works by partially melting material at the joint so the two pieces “weld” together. So, nothing to “remove”. A defect has been eaten into the surface.
If there is enough thickness to the part, you might be able to polish the defect out.

Make it a model of a car for sale and put a big price tag over it!

As Dandan said, you might be able to polish it out. Here’s a site that goes into some detail:

Yeah. I knew that but I had hoped that something had come along that would help. Oh, well. This has kept me sane for the last two winters of the pandemic. A small setback is a minor price to pay. Thanks, Dopers. xo,

I wonder if painting over the windshield with a glossy transparent paint would reduce the visibility of the glue drop.

Nah, I’ll just pretend that the car drove under a flock of pigeons.

Sand and polish! That’s what the pros do, I’ve gathered. And I’m eternally grateful I know it can be done, in case I ever get around to building anything.

Here’s a video, lot’s of these around:

For WWII era war planes a determined jab with a thumb tack produces a convincing bullet hole. A trail of those intersecting the airplane cockpit and the glue smudge, a bit of red paint…

Car models are not particularly expensive; buy another of the same kit, use its windshield, and put the rest of the parts in your spares box.

You might also be able to make a replacement windshield out of clear styrene sheet, especially if it’s a flat windshield (cars of the Twenties and Thirties).