Plastic: Rip it off or keep it on?

For cream cheese, I carefully peel back the little foil cover making certain I don’t tear it while completely removing it. I then wash it under lukewarm water with just a hint of soap using a new and clean lambswool swab. After that, I dry it with a HEPA filtered hair dryer set to 95.2 degrees so as not to damage the molecular structure of the cover.

Once dry, I iron the cover with my surgically clean iron making sure the heat is firmly fixed ( I epoxied mine) to the “foil cover” heat setting. Once done, I reseal the cover back onto the container using a food safe glue making sure I hermetically seal the contents by removing all of the contaminating air that may have touched the cheese.

After all of that, I then feel free to lick my dog’s ass because in life and how you live it, the things you do tend to even out!

I think it’s also to protect from tampering before you buy it.
I voted rip it off, tear it to shreds, and burn it in a specially built forge in the backyard.

Really…I found a hidden option to vote for that!

do spouses/partners, who disagree on if to leave the barrier in place, rush or sneak to open containers to have it their way?

Lotta people saying they take the plastic off because they never would have even thought to leave it on.

I leave it on, mainly because I never would have thought to take it all the way off. Actually, I think I just had a vague “intuitive” notion that leaving it on help keeps the cottage cheese fresh longer, and I just never felt much need to give it any more thought than that.

The plastic cover on electronic keypads stays on too. (Microwave oven, cell phone, CD player…)

And I almost always stick the little cotton ball back inside the pill bottles.
(There’s one in every crowd.)

Tear it off. Until this thread it never would have even occured to me to leave it on.

Do you people poke a nice clean circular knife hole in the middle of the peanut butter jar foil so it stay fresher longer too? :rolleyes:

RIP THAT SHIT OFF DAMMIT…life’s too short. :smiley:

If you ever bought LPs, did you the leave the plastic shrinkwrap on the jacket or just throw it away? Or for that matter do you leave book covers on books? (I throw both away.)

This. It’s annoying to leave it on!

Now what about loaves of bread: Do you eat the first heel or set it aside and then put it back in the loaf to keep the end fresh after taking the first couple of “real” slices out?

Sometimes I leave it on, and other times I take it off. (BTW, “Take It Off” is a great Kesha song!) Sometimes I worry that if I peel off the whole thing, food will spray all over the place the instant the last bit of wrapper comes off the container.

On a related note, the spray effect is especially bad with Yoplait yogurt. It happens at the instant you first open the wrapper, not when you completely rip it off. Doing it on an airplane is especially dangerous. The fact that the cabin pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure at which the seal was made can result in some nasty explosions if you’re not careful.

Leave it in. Then eat it last.

I had never heard of this until Mr. Aeris suggested it. I thought it was a bit odd and I have my doubts about whether or not it does anything.

I leave the plastic, but I can’t think of a single reason why.

My wife and I disagreed on this, with me being in the rip-it-off-and-chuck-it camp, and my wife insisting that it kept the contents fresher longer. “That’s preposterous!” I said, in one of my many instances of marginalizing my wife’s ability to reason.

Fortunately for her, whatever product we happened to be arguing had it printed right there on the fucking foil: “For added freshness, leave this foil on under the plastic lid.” Not the exact words, but close enough. If the makers of the product saw fit to print it on there, I figured there must be some truth to it. Perhaps the tolerance on the plastic lid is too loose for a proper seal without the foil in there. Looking for a cite, but I can’t find it at the moment. It was either yogurt or sour cream.

Note that this was a foil lid, not a plastic one, and that might affect things. But now all plastic/foil stays on in my house until I find some evidence to defend my side.
eta: Well woohoo, found some ammo:

So now I don’t know what to think. Still looking for the product in question.