Plastic: Rip it off or keep it on?

You know the little plastic sheet that is under the lid of say… a cream cheese container? Do you keep it on or rip it off? If you keep it on is it because you think/know it keeps the food fresher longer?

This is one of those idiosynchratic differences my wife and I have. She leaves it on (partially) thinking it keeps the stuff inside fresher longer. I always rip them off and into the trash they go. Once that seal has been broken, the lid itself is going to do as much as that stupid flap of plastic.

I take it off. Otherwise the congealing substance on the underside starts to skeeve me out.

It never even occurred to me to leave it on.

I voted keep it on, since if I was on my own that is what I would do. My husband pesters me if I leave it on so for my own sanity I take it off.

There is no particular reason to leave it on, I have no idea why I prefer it, but I do.

I don’t know how to vote. I usually take it off, but once in a great while, I will leave it on. For no real reason that I can come up with. I’m a loon, I tell ya.

That extra lid is to keep it sealed in shipping. Once the seal is broken, it does not add any protection. Plus, it is inconvenient to deal with every time the product is used. Sometimes I scrape the residue off into the container, but if it’s yogurt, I lick it.

If it were up to me, I’d tear it off. But my wife insists we keep it.

Yep, same for me and my SO. (I’m thinking a tub of cream cheese here…)
He leaves it attached by this little quarter-inch flap and carefully puts it back over the top before putting the lid back on. He’s convinced it keeps things fresher, or in the case of cream cheese, keeps it from getting a nasty skin on top.

I like to live dangerously, so I just rip it off and throw it away, with wild abandon.

100% like me and my wife.

Toss it. It does no good leaving it on and it’s neater/easier with it off.

My wife and I are like this too. I rip it off, she keeps it on. (Just like in the bedroom! Rimshot!)

Off it comes. Left on it just gets in the way. Blech.

I was wondering when someone would go there. :wink:

Off it goes. It’s a PITA trying to get at the contents of the container while moving the plastic bit out of the way every time.

You might point out that every time you guys touch that piece of plastic, you’re increasing the possibility of mold growth and shortening the shelf life of the product. The lid can be washed if you touch the inside of it; not so the plastic.

Rip it off. Must go.

I always rip it off, and will rip off the little blighters at every opportunity in anyone else’s house too if I see them. I don’t understand how they can think it’s helping the food keep fresher? It’ll either be used up or out of date within a few days anyway. Why have two layers on the top there when you only have one layer protecting bread, jam, cheese, meat etc?

It never occurred to me to leave it on. Are there people who put the little cotton ball back inside the pill bottle after each use too?

I thought this thread was going to be about the plastic film that comes on the surfaces of new electronic devices. Peel or leave?