Save Lids, Save Lives?

The subject refers to the current marketing/charity campaign from Yoplait Yogurt. The packaging has been changed to include pink foil tops and if you send that top in to the address included, the manufacturer will donate a dime to breast cancer research (Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation).

Now when I first saw these, I bought a few more containers of this stuff than I normally would, because I like to see big companies raising awareness about issues like this and donating money. I do this before I read the fine print about sending the lids to the manufacturer.

Can someone please tell me what sort of idiot marketing person thinks this is a good idea???

Ok, I buy the yogurt. I carefully remove the lid (the instructions are on there, don’t want to destroy them. If I save that lid, try to get it completely clean so nothing will be growing on it when it arrives there, put it into an envelope and mail it to the manufacturer for whatever the current cost of postage is, and they will donate 1 thin dime to breast cancer research for this effort??? Of course I can save my postage (which of course is more than their donation) by brining my lids and depositing them into containers they put up at some store displays. Great, something else to remember when I go shopping.

After rolling my eyes at the absurdity of this, I just found the organization being donated to
on the web and made a donation directly. So I will agree that the Yoplait folks did a good thing since they prompted me to learn more, and to get off my butt and donate to a cause I think seems worthy.

But why not just bump the price of the yogurt 10 cents, and donate that dime when I buy the yogurt instead. Keep the normal version of the product out so that those who don’t wish to donate aren’t forced to if they like your product. Why do manufacturers instead make us jump through these sort of hoops? What sort of slimy sticky messes were most of the lids they received? (5 million of them???)


I thought exactly the same thing when I saw this program. If they really wanted to do good, they’d just donate and be done with it. I wouldn’t even mind if they threw together some ads saying, “Oh, by the way, we just donated a million dollars for breast cancer research.” Instead, it’s a case of “Let’s look like we’re doing something really great and altruistic, but stage it in such a way that odds are, we won’t have to do much at all.”

Just one man’s opinion.