Play your cards right and I'll invite you over for a plateful

Love getting a good dose of The Straight Dope each week! In this weeks question about salt and pepper, Cecil , you said your spaghetti sauce would heal the sick and raise the dead. Instead of inviting us all over, how about giving us the recipe! My Italian husband would love a sauce like that!

Thanks! :smiley:

Welcome to the SDMB, anitanita.

You apparently are already aware of it being required to link to the column you refer to, but as your link didn’t work (it refered to your private inbox) I’ve provided it just now.

I say we hold his feet to the fire and demand a sit-down meal. I’d wager that, given the number of board subscribers, and an opportunity to break (garlic) bread with the Master, he should set the table for, oh, about 2000!!. This number does not include the dead whom we may bring along. I personally have three stiffs to feed. (I lied, one is still alive, but boring).

How will playing cards get us food? Are we betting with pasta?


Ante Pasta