So here I sit in Saudi arabia, happy as a clam as I am downloading pthots of Playmates of the Month that somehow has (thusfar) escaped the Saudi censors.

I LOVE getting over on the system.

So anyway, a couple of thoughts.

  1. The name “Christine” and it derivitives are WAY over represented.
  2. Blacks (at about 1/8th of the US population) are represented in about that ratio.
  3. Orientals SEEM underrepresented, with no examples I have found so far. Why is that? I thought most men though Orientals were cute.
  4. How much to Playmates of the Month get, I wonder?
  5. What do their mother’s think?

Playboy has this ideal body type though the women have gotten slimmer over the years. This type is busty and voluptous, a body type that is relatively rare among women of Asian descent.


I have managed to find a number of pictures of a girl named Nicle Marain. Strange, one site has a whole 'nother set of photos, but from the same shoot. I wonder if she had TWO pictorals? Did she get paid twice?

I’m just an ignorant American, so excuse me if this is stupid, but… couldn’t you get beheaded or something for “getting over on the system” like that in Saudi Arabia?

And can’t people see what’s on your screen through the tent fabric? :wink:

Some advice:

  1. “Oriental” is a rug.

  2. I’m thrilled you like to look at boobies. Is there some reason you felt the need to put this profound revelation in the Pit, as opposed to MPSIMS?

  3. Perhaps “getting over on the system” is not exactly the sort of thing one should be bragging about on a public message board?

  4. Given your location, I’d be pretty careful about what I decided to download. Please tell me you’re not doing this at work.

It actually took me a minute to realize what a “pthots” was. Sounds sexy.

How nice to see someone working hard to bring core American values into a “backward” society. :wally

Hey, if I can’t update my Playmate collection, the terrorists have already won!

As for “Oriental” I use the term as I prefer it, I find it more accuarte. “Asian” is too specific. Indians, Arabs and Indonesians are all from Asia. “Orientals” are from East Asia.

I am not doing this at work.

As for Pthots, your right, it does sound dirty.

The Canadians are all over this issue: Playboy Playmates getting less curvy, study of 50 years of centrefolds shows.

Shouldn’t there be more cursing or ranting about something in this “Pit” thread? Like…

“there’s not enough damn fricking frackin cotton-pickin women of eastern asian descent in my online porno. The people choosin the women for these here online collections can kiss my ass. And if I see one more naked curvaceous “Christine” I think I’ll just blow a flippin gasket. Be original, already, when you make a name to use for your online porno spreads. I wonder a bit what their mothers think, but then I think screw their mothers, it’s for my pleasure, not their mother’s approval, gosh darn it all to heck and back again.”

… or something like that?

you forget that all the playmates are either picked by Hef or Hef inspired, and he has some sort of 18 year old blonde fetish, so there you go (and they probably bring in the most sales)

I don’t know where to begin taking offense at this statement.

Oh, Paul, thanks so much for clearing that up for us! What a good citizen. That’s our Paul, always looking out for linguistic innaccuracy in qualifying people of other ethnicities. I’ll just go tell all the folks of East Asian descent that they’ve been deluding themselves all this time, and that they are, in fact, Orientals. Because Paul prefers it that way. :rolleyes:

How about nowhere? or is nudity evil? do you bathe fully clothed? Born in a tuxedo?

Instead of saying Orientals, Paul, why not go for … wait for it … East Asians?

Just a couple of years ago, Playmates earned $20,000 for posing. I don’t know if that has gone up.

No, no, I think you’re misunderstanding me. I have no problem with nudity or porn, or anything of the sort. That wasn’t what I was talking about. This is my problem: here’s Paul, sitting in Saudi, downloading Playboy pictures. Here’s Paul, sitting in Saudi, pleased with himself at “getting one over on the system”. Here’s Paul again, using a negatively-viewed racial term, and excusing himself by saying “he just prefers it”. Here’s Paul again using some cliched joke about “the terrorists”.

Do you see no level of insensitivity there? I do. If you want to cry me out for it, feel free. I’ll admit I’ve been in a snit lately.

But my bitchiness doesn’t excuse Paul.

Saudi has very strict and specific laws regarding what they will and will not permit in the country in terms of pornographic material. Paul, knowing this full well, decides he’s going to download Playboy pictures anyway. Okay, it’s his choice if he wants to break the law. But then he starts in with “I LOVE getting one over on the system”, and “if I can’t look at boobies, then the terrorists have already won”.

This sounds just a little too much to me like “Look at me pulling a fast one on these backward Muslim-types! Who do they think they are, telling me I can’t look at my porn?! I’ll show these dirty terrorists!”

This was confirmed in my eyes when Paul decided he’d rather keep calling East Asians “Orientals”, even though he’d been informed it was somewhat offensive. His reason? He just prefers it that way.

Great. Then I trust Paul would have no objections to me calling him a stupid cracker. 'Cause, you know, I think it’s more acurate, and anyway, I just prefer the term.

i was addressing the attack against looking up nakedness, not the crack on the asians. i seemed to misunderstand part of what you were refering to, but i will still defend the right to look at naked people to the death. i think he should hold off on the Oriental thing, especially since rug stores in San Fran advertise Oriental rugs made in India, which blows his whole Oriental=East Asian theory.

“Oriental” refers to rug how about I start referring you as that fat white motherfucker from now on?

Actually i’m hoping one of the terrorists blows you up you racist white son of a bitch.