Playstation 2 owners: what games can you play with a dance mat?

So I have had the dance pad - two in fact - for my PS2 for a year now. Playing Dance Dance Revolution Max was fun for a week, especially with friends over - but they’ve been sitting under the coffee table ever since.

The dance games aren’t that exciting to me. It seems there’s a pretty steep learning curve and I am not going to be playing this game 24/7 to become great at it. So are there other types of games that work with the dance mat? (Yes I know that theoretically, any game can be played with the mat, but I want some advice perhaps based on experience.)

For instance, is there a track and field type game that uses the dance mat as a controller?

Any game! (You should have seen me play street fighter. I actually was able to do hadokens, but that’s about it.

You really can play any game with it. In fact, it adds new dimensions of difficulty to games you might be tired of. I got a great workout one night using the dance mat to play Medal of Honor.

An aside: you may want to try one of the newer DDR games, or the even newer “In the Groove.” They’ve added a new beginner mode to help with the learning-curve problem.

Personally, I’ve had my two pads for a couple of years now, and still can’t get enough of it. It’s my primary aerobics exercise, and I’m almost never ready to stop I reach my target time in the zone.

I tried Gran Turismo, but I can only catch the beginner cars.

I’ve heard of people playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with dance pads. I’ve never tried it, but I can see how it would be pretty fun.