Playstation Vue

Anyone try this cable streaming service now available in many markets from Sony? I had high hopes but am underwhelmed by the 7 day trial.

The good:

The cable channel lineup is really good (however, it lack’s local broadcasters…no big deal for me because I have a good antenna). Many cord cutters like me have been waiting for a cheap service over the Internet.

The cost seems lower than just about any comparable service that I have seen.

Streaming includes live content, past content, and a limited cloud DVR. You can also have more than one stream (up to 5)

The Bad:

It does not really work well on my 30 MB connection - streams are constantly interrupted. I don’t have this issue with Netflix streaming, even two streams in HD at once.

The interface is buggy, whether on my PS3 or using and iPad with a Chromecast. The guide is laggy, and on the iPad/Chromecast setup, what the app indicates is playing is timeshifted compare to what is actually playing on the TV. Plus, “rewind” seems limited or buggy.