I got a playstation and have for bout a year now. outta nowhere this kid tells me that they have a built in screensaver that plays along to the beat of the music. I know sega saturn has something similar to that and when i suggested that that was the console he was thinking of he persisted it was the PSX. Anyone know anything aboput this

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Yes, they do. Here are easy steps to get yours to work.

  1. Put an audio CD into your playstation.
  2. Turn the playstation on.
  3. Make sure your TV is on, and is on the right channel.
  4. Wait for a screen to come up that looks like a CD player. It’ll have the stop, play, pause, and skip buttons on it.
  5. When you see this screen, go to the play button and hit your O key.
  6. Press “select”.
  7. Use the directional arrows left and right to change patterns. Use the square button (I think, it’s the one on the left) to change colors. Use the R1 and L1 buttons to skip songs.
  8. Sit and stare at the damned thing for hours.

thanks BD but its not workin at least i know i have one though

3DO had the same feature. It’s great for parties but not much else.

Actually, only the more recent Playstations have this feature. I am not sure what the model numbers are, but mine does not do it. I got mine the week they came out though. Even if you just got your, if it had been sitting in the store awhile, it could be an older model. Also, take care NOT to play it on carpet, as it can overheat and warp the cd reader (speaking from experience here).

i just found out that the playstation has to be the new dual shock version!
thanks guys

Life is like a box of chocolate, melts in your mouth not in your hands

You can also order the import “Baby Universe” CD from Japan which does the exact same thing. I believe that they built the Baby Universe program into the newer model Playstations.