Plea deal for Trump?

If he is headed to trial they may offer him a reduced sentence if he agrees to not run again for any office. I assume that would be a legal plea deal. Doubt he takes that it but he might.

Also I doubt he ever gets charged with anything

The problem is who can trust Trump to keep his word? He’d agree to never run for office again and sign the paperwork. And then he’d run for President.

If our legal system can’t punish Trump for all the crimes he’s committed, why should we think it can enforce a plea bargain agreement?

There’s two key points: One, any plea agreement would require a public admission of guilt on Trump’s part. Two, any sentence would have to include a suspended prison term. And if he violates any part of the plea agreement, that suspended sentence becomes an actual sentence (he actually goes to prison).

Enforcing such a plea deal agreement is far easier than going through a new process of charging him, having a trial, and new sentencing. It become a purely administrative process - his case officer makes note that he’s violated the terms of his deal, and orders him arrested and incarcerated. Since he’s already admitted guilt, there’s no need for a trial or anything like that.

I understand what you’re saying. But we’ve seen Trump clearly break laws on numerous occasions and he hasn’t spent a day inside prison. He’s a rich man who can hire teams of lawyers.

Trump himself bragged that he could shoot somebody in the middle of a public street and get away with it. There’s no reason to think he couldn’t get away with violating a plea bargain.

And there’s less chance that he would ever accept one.

Seriously, he would prefer to take a chance that his most deranged followers would rise up and spring him from custody than ever admit he did the least wrong thing.

Seems to me plea deals are complicated instruments designed to get a guilty admission while letting a criminal off the hook of serving any meaningful time in prison.

Try and catch them in the act of grifting again he may not run for elected office again but Trump&co will continue their con games.

Sounds anti-democratic to me.

And a bit of internet research tells me that this isn’t how federal plea bargains work. The defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and then the judge sentences within the guidelines range for the lesser charge.

No, that isn’t really what plea deals are. Plea deals are essentially a prosecutor generally giving you a more favorable sentence if you admit guilt than if you force him to obtain a conviction against you in court. Many plea deals carry with them many, many years in prison (some even carry life sentences.) The structure of the deal is going to depend on what the prosecutor has as evidence (i.e. strength of their case), the nature of the charges, and what the defendant (and their attorney) thinks the outcome at trial might be.

Most of the time taking a plea deal is generally going to be better for you as a criminal defendant, assuming you suspect/know the prosecutor is very likely to obtain a conviction. There are some times when a plea deal being offered does not make sense, and it is better to try it in court–and of course if you are genuinely innocent that is probably your desire as well.

He may just head to Russia, Brazil ,etc to avoid the trial.

The last post is wishful thinking.

The opinion polls in Brazil say that the Trump-friendly President there is likely to lose this October.

As for Russia, I could list a bunch of reason ranging from health care to the golf scene to questions as to whether he could ever see he children again.

The only way to stop Trump from winning a second term is to defeat him at the voting polls in 2024, playing by the electoral rules then in effect.

Yup. This.

Perhaps he can plea insanity and stay out of jail if it comes to it. I suspect he will keep avoiding and stalling till he dies and perhaps Trump dying a natural death would be best for him and us overall, sooner rather than later so we can move on and rebuild rather than wasting more resources on him.

Which, to the best of my knowledge, is no bar to becoming president again.

I tend to agree. Using the legal system to pressure somebody into not running for office feels like a bad idea.

Trump’s death will only fix the problem of Donald Trump. And our nation’s problem is a lot bigger than just one person.

The party that gave us Greg Abbott, Michele Bachmann, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Josh Hawley, Mike Huckabee, Ron Johnson, Brian Kemp, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Kristi Noem, Sarah Palin, and Rick Santorum will still be around. The Republicans will keep finding candidates who are as immoral as Trump but aren’t as stupid as Trump. And the Republicans will keep doing all they can to make sure their candidates win the “elections”.

Simple- he pleads guilty to Sedition with no jail time.

The only way it would work is if he’s required to plead guilty to a crime (e.g. seditious conspiracy) that would trigger the 14th Amendment prohibition against holding office. If there’s a strong enough case against him to make that an option, it would be simpler to simply convict and imprison him.

In federal plea negotiations, there is no concrete plea bargain agreement . The federal judge, pursuant to federal law, decides on whether or not to accept the charge as pled and the judge makes the ultimate decision on the sentence to be imposed pursuant to the USSG.

We are in a serious situattion where someone who would overthrow democracy to gain power is the frontrunner to become the next President of the U.S. The idea of using the criminal justice system to stop this isn’t a serious way to approach the threat to democracy, IMHO.

I realize that federal cases usually are plea bargained. If he can find a good lawyer or two, I can see Trump being advised to cop a plea, but they will have a hard time getting him to agree. I think DJT would find the drama of a jury trial irrestable.

It’s conceivable, if the deal was to change the case from criminal to civil, Trump would agree to that, and then campaign on the absurdity of our system.

On one hand yes. On the other hand, remember he’s a coward. How many of his civil suits did he vow to fight to the end of time and then settle?

I would be happy if he spent a year or so sweeping streets , washing cop cars, cleaning stables, etc