Please answer my last post to an old thread

I asked for the whereabouts of some other old dopes…uh, Dopers in my last thread “Old Doper Seeks…”, but I’m afrais it’s too old now for anybody to look at it.

Just visit the the old thread and give it a “bump” back up to the top. When you reply to the thread, it jumps back up to the top. Is that what you are getting at? Visibility?

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I’m here, Artsy! But I’m not sure I remember you – when did you leave the old board? I came into it around April of 1998.


Thanks MELIN…on AOL I was Artc858493 and everyone thought I was “Art” and that I was a man.

Your other post is at

On the header page for each Forum, there is a drop-down window on the upper right that you can use to extend (or reduce) the number of days that you are searching.

Each page cuts off at around 50 threads, but at the bottom right are numbers indicating pages that are increasingly older. If you don’t see a post on the first page of MPSIMS, scroll to the bottom, then click the underscored “2”. If it’s not there, try the underscored “3” etc.


See? Like this… click

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I’m here, just so you know.

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I’m not.

Dang Carl, one post in almost a year. That might get you nominated over at TMHP.

Oooooh Carl posted! Hi snookums!

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