Please consider supporting your local Humane Society/animal shelter

Is there anywhere that does an angel tree, but for animals? I always liked doing those angel tree things with my mom when I was a kid, but I can’t afford to buy Christmas for a kid. A cat, I could do. A bag of food, some toys, litter, a little blankie.

I was planning on buying some cases of canned food. The other thing that had crossed my mind was making a couple 5-gallon buckets of pet friendly chicken soup. Does anyone have any good recipes?

My parents have had as many as four rescued shelter cats living with them at one time. My dad loved his four-legged kids almost as much as his two-legged kids, so when Dad passed away we asked for memorials to go to the Humane Shelter here in town. They were surprised and very pleased to get the donations.

Rachellelogram, if you have a local shelter check with them. They might have a “wish list” of sorts.