Please correct my grammar.

I’m filling out a form for one of those engraved bricks at the new Colts stadium for my girlfriend, and I want to make sure it’s correct. There’s no fixing it!

Which is correct?

Maggie McVeigh
Baltimore’s #1
Colts Fan!


Maggie McVeigh
Baltimore’s #1
Colts’ Fan!

In other words, should “Colts” be possessive?

She doesn’t belong to the Colts. “Colts” is used as a modifier of “fan.” The possessive is incorrect and the usage is right.

No. If she were a Utah Jazz fan, she would not be a Jazz’s fan, she’d be a Jazz fan.

Right on! Thanks.

In this instance, “Colts” is attributive. It’s not genitive. So “Colts Fan” is correct.

The genitive case is a way of indicating a relationship between two nouns. “Season’s greetings” doesn’t mean the greetings belong to the season, but rather that the greetings are OF the season. A week’s wages = the wages of a week. A Midsummer Night’s Dream = The Dream of a Midsummer Night.

It’s the “Baltimore’s #1” that I’d question. The 's is a contraction for is. So you’re saying

– is that really what she thinks?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In this instance, Baltimore is short for the Baltimore Colts. If she were a Utah Jazz fan, you can say she is the Jazz’s #1 fan or Utah’s #1 fan.

Presumably, Maggie is a Colts fan living in Baltimore. Thus, Baltimore’s #1 Colts fan.

She’s saying she is Baltimore’s number one Colts fan.

When one is limited to a few characters per line on a brick, one does what one can!

Ummm… isn’t “Baltimore’s” a possessive here? She is the #1 Colts fan belonging to Baltimore.