Please describe a time that you had contact with a murderer.

“Well, I once wrote to and received a leter from Charles Manson.”

Yikes, Vanilla!! You can’t just drop a bombshell like that and stroll away! Why did you write to him, what did you say, and what was his reply?

One of my great-uncles shot a man for threatening his kids.

One of my dad’s best friends has been in prison for murder. He says it was self-defense. This is a man I’ve known all my life.

Another of my dad’s associates … nevermind … that is too much info.

My wife’s had contact with a lot of them, surprisingly. She was picked up by one of the Menendez brothers. Literally. Her chair tipped over in the restaurant they were running.

I’ve worked in corrections, so:

  1. Woman who killed her kids, in a particularly nasty way. She was, um, a challenge.

  2. Several women and men who’d killed their spouses/sig. others. including one who moaned about her former mother in law ‘wasn’t very supportive of her through this ordeal’ I said ‘But you killed her son’ she replied “but he was being such a beast”. :rolleyes:

  3. Woman who sat by while her boyfriend battered her toddler to death, then sat w/him while he died slowly of internal injuries. I’d known the little boy before he died. This was one of the hardest.

  4. Woman who aided another in locating the victim (2 people died, one survived), I knew the murderer, his mother, the person who set it up, one victim, one juror, the judge, both attorneys.

  5. And, of course, there’s my former bro-in-law, the deerslayer, who shot and killed a woman as she was chopping down a Christmas Tree.

Oh, and I forgot the worst one. Woman I knew was with a guy in an apartment, police officer came to the door to question the legal resident of the apartment (who wasn’t home) about burglaries she and the guy had been doing (officer didn’t know she was involved, there etc.). They killed him, ran off down the road looking for a way to escape the area, went up to a house, knocked on the door, the woman inside was talking on the phone, they killed her, stole her keys and took her car, but it concked out, so they were pushing it up the street at the same time the schoolbus was arriving w/the woman’s kids on it :mad:

I worked rather closely with a guy in my group for a couple of years in a large corporation during the early 90s. He was a loser-type who found comfort in right-wing conspiracy nonsense and evangelical religion. He took a liking to me because I had gone to college many years prior with his cousin (they looked alike and had the same surname) and, being a former counselor, I tend to hear people out. Just what he needed.

Anyway, he would tell me about his young kids; I remember when his youngest was born and I went out of my way to get a gift. When the first round of layoffs hit, he was among the first to go, probably because he was fairly unlikable.

Fast forward five years, when a large headline in the Seattle paper caught my attention. This man, upset by his wife’s leaving him, went down to rural Oregon and in his mother-in-law’s house, killed his entire family with a firearm, I think it was 4-6 people. He is now serving a life sentence as Oregon did not have the death penalty.

This haunted me for quite a while; the worst was during the first night when I was trying to sleep and kept crying for his now departed family–those little kids. To distract my feelings, I put on the headphones and attempted to listen to music. Two minutes later I realized that the headphones belonged to the murderer—he had given them to me as a gift when he was leaving the company due to a layoff.

The story still saddens me.

My brother-in-law had a long term relationship with a woman who was being charged with murdering her husband. She was found guilty, send to prison, etc. He continued the relationship as best as possible under the circumstances for quite some time.

Needless to say, my b-i-l makes a lot of bad life decisions. “Dude, she killed her last guy!”

A lot of people around here knew Chapman, the guy who killed Lennon. One of my kid’s teachers had been his teacher. The usual “quiet loner” stories.

Three brothers in my high school, one of whom was in my grade, beat a complete stranger with baseball bats just because he was camping down by the river and happened to walk through and interrupt their after-prom party. I’m not sure whether or not he died, but I know that by the time the paramedics got there he was almost dead.

I lived with one for 2 years.

He had been in adult prison for a petty offense at 17 (embezzled $16 from his employer) and was threatened with rape by a major badass. He stole a sledgehammer and kept it in his room and when the guy came to rape him he chased him into the office of the captain of the guard and bashed him in the head 12 times in front of the captain, who went on to testify on his behalf.

He served another 10 years for it. I met him when he came out.



It was in about 1976, I saw him on tv, got curious, and wrote.
I gave my girlfriends address to be safe.
He wrote back a bunch of gobbledegook, his philosophy, i guess; it was nutty.
I suppose i could’ve sold it for money, but…

My girlfriends mother found out and told me to rescind her address.

This monster was the valedictorian in the high school class one year ahead of me.

I also worked with some dimwit that was involved in one of those senseless killed-someone-to-get-$20-to-buy-crack. The police arrested the guy on the premises, supossedly they found the victim’s blood on the guy’s watchband.

A few years ago, I was friends with a 40 year old woman who had been in prison in her 20’s for drug related charges. She was a very friendly, good-natured person who was trying to overcome her past. One night she called me because a man she knew was getting out of prison and she was afraid he was going to kill her.

She told me about something that happened when she was 16…
Her and her boyfriend who was 22 at the time had held up a market. She had held the gun on the owner while the BF got the money and tied the owner up. Before they left, she shot the owner in the head. Boyfriend got most of the blame because of her age.

I met OJ Simpson once at a high school football game. He was quite charming.

I started this thread about a month ago, were I described my coworker Lloyd Riddle.

I’ve had a couple of friends who were murderers so I have been in contact with them a lot. I guess I’ll go with a time that I had contact with one that had something to do with an actual murder.

I had recently introduced my friend D to my other friend A, and they started dating. A was best friends with the girlfriend of P, a local drug dealer I knew fairly well and bought weed from on occasion. A and D were both beginning to get into crank, which P also dealt. A had been trying to get some crank for free from P to share with D but he had been out. Then P told A that he would give her some crank for free if D and I would come down to a local bar with him where he was supposed to meet this guy who was supposed to deliver some crank to him. He had paid the guy up-front and he was already a day late delivering it, he was anticipating the possibility there might be some trouble with the guy and wanted some friendly people with him in case things went bad. D, A, and myself go down to the bar and meet with P there. We sat around and talked, P bought us a few beers, A sang some kareoke, and we waited. After a couple of hours P was pretty mad and gave up on the guy showing up, apologized to D and A about not being able to give them any crank and promised to make it up to them when he got some. A, D, and me leave and go play videogames at my apartment.

A few days later the guy who ripped off P was found with his throat cut in a ditch alongside a local highway. I have no confirmation, but we are fairly sure that P killed him or had him killed.

That’s right, I forgot I used to work at the Aloha Stadium when I was younger, and they hold the ProBowl there for so many years running now. I’m pretty sure this was in the early 80s, and I served OJ Simpson and Frank Gifford in the Press Box. I got his autograph too, somewhere.

Uh…I happen to live in semi-rural Oregon right now. Where did this happen? I’m in the Roseburg area.

Hmm… One of my dads freinds, who also happens to be a long distance cousin…shot his wife on the couthouse steps after their divorce was final. He is in jail right now.

Several of my older cousins(65+years) were responsible for the murder or serious maiming of their brothers. (I come from a very hick family) Only two of these brothers are still living, and thankfully, neither is a murderer.

One of my deceased friends was unsure of wether he murdered somone or not. he was drunk at the time it happend, and couldnt remember if he killed the person. This was way before the era of DNA testing and such, so little or no evidence would have existed.

I also know plenty of crazed vietnam vets…only the Lord knows what they have done.

You gave your girlfriends address to Charles Manson to be safe ???

ummmmm…you do know why he is in jail, right?

Out of curiosity did he send you a playing card with his letter? A friend of mine has always been fascinated by Manson and he wrote him a letter several years ago and Manson included one in his response, ace of hearts I believe. He’s got the letter, envelope and card framed on his wall. Good guy but a little odd.